Sooo,  I foolishly thought I could escape the heat this summer.

You would have guessed that I am no hot summer kinda girl. Not with all that wool and knitting that is going on. And while I love the beach, knitwear and sand don’t mix. And if I thought that camping will reward me with plenty of relaxing knitting time, I was wrong. With all the setting up and packing and rearranging, and cooking and sunscreen and life-guard duties, ice cream runs and wild-life-spotting, there is little down time. But then again, I was happy to swap the needles for a book, long chats by the camp torch and some fun water play.

The holidays were so good. Now back in our dry corner of the state, we are trying to keep the house cool and struggling to fall asleep in a hot room. But we are happy to be home. Happy to potter, tidy, cook and chill.

The knitting bag is sitting lonely in a corner as I am contemplating what to do next. “Different Lines” is finished and came to good use during the cool nights at the beach.

Different Lines in Malabrigo Sock

I have also cast on for Sweet Peasy for my sweet little god-daughter in the most beautiful yarn, Savannah by the Fibre Company. 50% Wool, 20% Cotton and 15% each of Linen and Soy. It is lovely to feel and wear and I am looking forward to finishing it for her.

Sweet Peasy in Savannah

Madelinetosh Light has been popular these past weeks despite the warmer temperature. The colours and light feel is perfect to knit with when it is warm and now is the time to think about what to wear in autumn it seems. I have been good and haven’t dipped into the stock, but I do have a few favourite colours and as soon as I finish all my WIP’s, I will have to find a Tosh project to cast on. I have been looking at some breezy summer scarfs on Ravelry. I love wearing something around my neck most days and there are some gorgeous projects that seem just right.

Aethercopter is a big project, but very airy and beautiful

This one is small, simple and cool in Pima Cotton

Hitchhiker is knit up quickly in your favourite colour

Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston. Love her style…

Solan. Stunning in Malabrigo Sock

Simmer Dim. To challenge yourself?

Claudia Scarf. On my to-do-list.

Moody Kerchief by Kirsten Kapur. Love the modern look.

And something for a precious girl to have…..Little House Wrap

My daughter has been ‘borrowing’ my new shawl, so a little wrap of her own would make her very happy indeed…

These are just a few ideas. There are so many more to suit all skill levels and taste…

A few new colours in the Cascade 220 rage has arrived while we were away. New colours include Mallard, Framboise, Sapphire, Como and British Green Heather. Also, all my Addi Circulars have been topped up.

And speaking of needles, what are your favourite circulars? Wood, Bamboo or Nickel? Why? Do tell.

Hope you are keeping cool and happy today. Or maybe warm, happy and cosy? Either way, happy is the operative word here.

See ya,


2 thoughts on “Sizzling.

  1. oh Alex….we have been flooding up here….water has finally gone down and I am just in the middle of my latest blog post about it….too funny. I would LOVE some heat….send it up here.
    Glad you survived your camping trip and REALLY nice to meet you xox Jo

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