Beautiful mess.

The holidays are in full swing. This means sleeping in, lazy days, lots of books, late lunches and quick dinners. Hanging out on the veranda, knitting in my lap, watching the kids get up to mischief. The house is in shambles, because we are sometimes too busy making stuff that tidying up seems, well, a bit of an effort.

We have been listening to lots of Audio Books. ‘How to train a Dragon’ and ‘The Railway Children’ are our favourites. I have been listening to Emiliana Torrini on my walks. I have even started reading ‘Hundred Years of Solitude’. I have read this book a million years ago in a different life. It is still good.

Knitting has been distracting me though. Different Lines is addictive, the colours of the yarn seductive. Just one more stripe…

Different Lines

A lovely customer has asked me this week if there is anything more beautiful than opening a parcel with beautiful yarn. Well, yes, knitting with it would be up there too. Watching the colour unfold, being surprised by the variations and shading. Like these two colours, Eggplant and Ochre. Looking at the skeins I would not have guessed the depth of colour, especially Eggplant. But then again, the vegetable itself is a stunning colour, so I should not be too surprised….

But of course, true to form, I had to start another project. I always do that when the first project is nearing completion It is almost as if I am scared of the void…mmmmh..

I was in the city the other day and went to check out some competition. I can’t leave a Yarn shop without buying something, so I bought a very plain, simple and neutral ball of Lace Merino. I saw a beautifully lofty sample scarf knit up and wanted to make one for a lovely friend. You know, fine yarn, big needles….but I just could not get it right. So a quick search on Ravelry, and I found this trendy scarf. Trendy Chale, as it is in french. And it is very chic.  Lofty, airy, super soft and squishy.

Merino Lace and Kid Mohair

It is quite incredible how effective the most simple of patterns can be. Combined with such delicate and whimsical of threads. I had the Kid in my stash, all squashed up and forgotten. I thing it will be just perfect. It has to be done by Sunday. The mess will have to wait. (If you want to knit this ‘Trendy Chale” too but can’t work out the pattern, send me an email, happy to translate….)

The kids and I will head off on Sunday for a bit of a Road trip. We are heading to the beach, then to the mountains. I will have to pack some knitting. Probably some cotton…

So, the shop will be closed from the 14th – 23rd. Orders will have to wait till then, ok?

But if you are desperate and keen, I have put all my Cascade Ultra Pima on Sale for the week. All of last year’s Cascade 220 is on Sale too. And if you want to do some cool sewing, then you should check out all of my Saffron Craig range for some bargains….Grand Sale, I tell you….I have to make space for all of the lovely Madelinetosh, you see.


I hope you are having a fabulous summer holiday. The weather is proving to be just ideal for some leisure knitting….at least in our parts….


Do you know Kasey Chambers song “Beautiful Mess”? Really like this one too.


See ya,





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