Good things come to those who wait.



If I could meet the 20-year-old me again, there would be so many things I would tell her….but first, I would give her a hug and tell her that everything was going to work out.

I would tell her that home is where the heart is. That happiness comes by doing what you love. That sometimes true love comes slowly and steadily. That it is nicer to give than to receive. And that you don’t have to have it all worked out. And that the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ is oh so true.

I will try to remember this too,  when my own children need a  some reassurance and a confidence boost. So much of what young ones think as absolute, gospel and irrevocable is often just ephemeral. Nothing last forever, everything changes.


I sometimes think back at all the things that worried me, my search for happiness. Had I known then that I would find happiness in the smallest and simplest things. Like the dimpled hand of my child in my hand. The smell of frying garlic. A cup of tea in the stillness of dawn. A new skill mastered. And the colours of hand dyed yarn.

Which incidentally brings me to today’s happiness. Between ordering this lovely yarn and finally holding it in my hands, almost 4 months have passed. I had forgotten what colours I had ordered. So when the box arrived, I could marvel all over this rainbow of colours. Oh, this yarn makes me just so happy. Simply holding a skein and imagining what I could knit with it is enough to make me smile. Playing with colour combination, thinking scarfs, shawls and cardigans. Just lovely! I tell you!

Madelinetosh Merino Light is a single ply, fingering weight yarn. The colours pop and create a fabric of delicious colour and texture. Lacy scarfs are just a perfect match. I have just started ‘Different Lines‘ in Malabrigo Sock, but it would be equally stunning in Tosh light.

Hay Cardigan is also a lovely cardigan for autumn.

If you want to show off the colours beautifully, try this simple lacy scarf….

Clockwork by Stephen West would be great in ‘stovepipe’ fact, Stephen West has got another scarf that is perfect…

Ishbel by Isolda Teague is a Ravelry favourite.

Abigail Cardi is so simple and delicate….Wildflower just beautiful…

Of course, it is difficult thinking about autumn cardis and shawls when summer is in full swing and the temperatures are in the very high 30’s. I am knitting my shawl during the cool changes only…and there are always the cotton projects waiting….but come autumn, you watch me….

So, this has made me happy today, while I was trying to keep us cool with icy water and fruity icy poles….

How are the temperatures in your corner? How are you keeping cool? Do you keep knitting regardless? AND what makes YOU happy?

Happy summer,


PS: Of course Madelinetosh Light is available in the shop now….just in case you could not wait till the cool change….



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