As the year comes to a close, one has to spend a few minutes taking stock and recapping the year gone by.

The good, the bad and the ugly. The high’s and low’s. A list of top ten favourite moments. Top then least favourites. Best moment of 2011. The list goes on, you  can listen to them on the radio, newspaper and everywhere. Even if it is just a date in the calendar. As if the world will shut down for one minute just to reboot for another year. Officially.

We like making lists, taking stock, spreadsheets, top 10 charts to contemplate, look back once more.

Well, I am a contemplation kind of girl, I do it more than once a year, actually. I think it keeps us on our toes, helps us steering in the direction we ought to be. Or helps us change direction when we are off course. Contemplation makes us look at the loved ones around us and love them even more. Contemplation makes us finally finish that photo album we started 8 years ago. It even makes us clean out drawers and declutter. You see, I think it should be NYE every 3 months or so…..

Soooo, for all intents and purposes I’ll give you my list of faves of 2011. The abridged version.

1. Finally, finally following my passion and realising my dream. For once. Instead of just fantasising about it. ZIGOZAGO is born!

2. Moving from a gloomy, dark and old house to a new house with open plan and heater and all. Interim.

3. Meeting ace people. Inspirational friends are just what one needs.

4. Reconnecting with family.

5. A Le Creuset pot. Yellow. Seriously. That is a highlight!

6. Discovering Green Smoothies and how to get green leafy veg into my without having to actually eat them.

7. Turning 40! Rally!

8. Watching my amazing 3 children grow one year older. Did I say amazing?

9. Another year with the Rock. Through all the up’s and down’s, he IS a rock!

10. Knitting more than ever.

So, there you go. My humble little list. If anything, I have now eternalised it on cyberspace.

And speaking of knitting. The last couple of days I have been bitten by the Bandana Cowl bug. Needed a quick knit, instant gratification as the temperatures are rising. Its been on my list for ages. It is such a ‘cool’ little knit. Easy and great for all kinds of yarn.

I used Quince & Co., Malabrigo Chunky and Cascade Eco Alpaca. All three are gorgeous and so different!

Bandana Cowl
Trio of warmth.
Triangle Love.

And the design makes totally sense. Sometimes you want wooly coverage in the front, whilst the neck is covered by a jacket or winter coat. Depending on the wool and needle size used, it is also a great quick cowl for kids.

As the temperatures are climbing here to the high 30’s, I am out of models. But I will keep knitting these little bandana’s for winter. Hard to imagine today, but it will come.

We are off to Daylesford for a swim and picnic. Nana is coming to babysit, while we are heading out for a wild night of …..bush dancing…..

Have a wonderful end of year celebrations. Some contemplation and lots of rejoicing! Celebrate what you have, hold close what you love and set your mind to new goals and new beginnings! (oh, yes, I am in that mood again).

All the best to you and your families. Thank you for taking the time to visit me here.




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