Merry Christmas

It has been a busy year. Full of surprises, challenges, discoveries and new beginnings.

As usual, I have tried very hard not to buy into this silly season. Making sure that we stayed close, centred  and focused on family time. The end of the school year is always a busy one, with plays and festivals, carols and end of year picnics in the gardens. The children tend to get tired and a bit wired, and the adults too. So staying close, pottering around the house, little family trips to the local waterhole….all good.

Handmade Christmas

Of course, no one can bridle the enthusiasm these children have for Christmas, albeit mostly focused on the presents. This year I have left the decoration of our tree entirely up to them. So they finger knitted, twisted and knotted. And together with some old family decoration, I added my crocheted hangings. Some stars, trees and hearts got whipped up and hung up. And we are all loving these new additions….

Crochet Star

Tomorrow we are joining the mass exodus from the country into Melbourne to spend the day with family. This year, having now to vegetarians in the family, we will have a Vegan Moussaka along with the traditional roast and ham. I have also made the most labour intensive raw white chocolate and cherry cheesecake, using ingredients like raw cacao butter, raw cacao, raw cashews and homemade almond milk. The raw theme in our household should be an entirely new blog post, but let me tell you that my food journey lately has taken be to quite unexpected places….

But of course, along with the christmas crafting I have been busy knitting a most beautiful dress for a little girl.

Darwinia for Ava

All finished now and perfect for a hot Christmas day, it was a lovely knit for a lovely girl. Again, Ultra Pima is wicked to work with and the dress feels very soft and smushy. I have also almost finished a little Eden vest in the Ultra Pima.

And so, I will sign off from this space and focus on summer holidays, icy smoothies, board games and swimming.

I am so very grateful to all of you, virtual and real friends, customers and fellow craft enthusiasts. It has been a wonderful experience and an exiting journey so far and I am looking forward exploring and sharing more crafty ideas with you.

I wish everyone a most wonderful and soulful Christmas and a rewarding and meaningful 2012




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