Simplicity. A simple tutorial.

Just a quick one….

Trio of colours

I have been making these washcloths….you know the ones…..and some of you might be sick of me going on about them. Others however are smitten, thank you very much. So this little explanation is for you.

I have used a combination of patterns. Mainly, I have looked on ravelry and made up my own style based on my own limited skill level…and there is only so much you can do with a square piece of fabric. So here it goes (I don’t even know all of the crochet terminology, so excuse if I mix things up a bit):

I used Abuelita Organic Cotton, which is about a 10ply. And an appropriate size Addi Crochet hook. It comes in a gorgeous range of colours, all fresh and summery. The cotton AND the Crochet Hooks….

Chain 40 (or as many to suit your needs of a face cloth)
Yarn over and double crochet into the first chain (or last one made)
Double crochet till the end
where to put your hook through...

So, you crochet till the end, chain 1 and turn your work….like this

and keep going like this until you have a square...

You can of course experiment will all kinds of stitches. I did one in single crochet, double crochet into the cap created instead of into the V at the top (I am sure there is a correct terminology for this, but it escapes me right now…)

And all these different stitches look something like this in one cloth. You can see some stitches create a tighter fabric, while others are a bit airer. It is really up to your liking and what is quickest for you. For me that would be a double crochet all the way. Nice and simple.

Ok, so this would be THE most basic tute ever. But I think it give you an idea…I think.

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