It has been too long.

I miss this little space, where I can show off all my little crafty adventures, talk about my crazy yarn obsession without people looking at me as if I was a bit nutty or downright daggy. I mean, craft is so underestimated. Depending on what camp you are talking to, knitting and especially crochet has got a bit of a frumpy connotation, a bit like “that’s nice, dear”…

Frankly, I have stopped worrying about what people think when I whip out my craft during  a class meetings or on the train, or while waiting for the school bell to ring. My hands just have to keep moving…

I guess as long as this year’s christmas presents are useful and groovy, nobody will mind my hand-made goodness….and here is my point:

Most craft has been around since forever. What makes your craft stand out and be *gosh* groovy, is the styling, colours and its ethical credentials….at least that’s what I think…and my excuse for making mountains of face washers….

more face washers

Since making these, I have expanded my crochet ability. While watching a movie one night, I crocheted a christmas wreath….don’t laugh. It is a most beautiful creation….

Simple Christmas Wreath

The pattern is from here. This was so fun and delicious, I am tempted to make another one. I used the scrumptious Malabrigo Chunky in Lettuce. I think Ravelry Red would be also quite stunning….I have been crocheting these little leaves too. 25 to be exact. One each for our countdown to Christmas Day. I might add some flowers or butterflies, to make this a juicy summer wreath…considering the season we are in I really can’t think of a better theme…

Mind you, I have make a few token snowflakes, as crochet practice…I tell you, I’d crochet anything at the moment….below is a little bowl to keep special treasures in…

But it has not all been crochet at our house…..lots of knitting with the beautiful Ultra Pima Cotton.

Darwinia in Teal

Darwinia is another of the beautiful patterns by Georgie Hallam. Everybody knows the simple and super cute Milo Vest of course….The Ultra Pima is just the perfect yarn for this project. It is beautifully twisted with no splitting, soft and just enough shine. Love!

In between this flurry of craftyness, there has been lots of cooking, dinners at the new playground, class meetings, birthday parties and busyiness of end of year activities. Last Kinder session, last dancing, performances and goodbye’s.

As much as I try to consciously slow down and reflect, a little bit of excitement and buzz is just wonderful. We have started our Advent countdown with a book called “Mary’s little Donkey”, which will take us right up to Christmas. St. Nick is coming in a few days to put little treats in the kid’s shoes and before we know it, we will enjoy a wonderful family gathering on the big day (and the end of my mad christmas crafting….ssshhh).

I hope you are having a wonderful Advent period, a flurry of Elfing activities and not to many mad dashes.

Happy times!




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