Life is full of surprises, twists and turns, ups and downs.

And so it should be. Just imagine we lived in perfect health, perfect harmony, peaceful and forever after….sounds like heaven for some, hell for others…..Life is suffering say some. Opportunity then for change or to bury our heads in the sand and wait for eternity? Challenges and surprises, keep us on our toes and invite us to grow some more. Travel inwards and around just to return home…..

Well, I am speaking in codes, but you  know what I mean? Life is no straight line and luck is not always on your side. These are just some of my thought this lovely morning as I count the surprises and reflect on our family’s journey so far. We have been so lucky, blessed and then challenged a little…..and still, our journey has been a walk in the park, compared to the trials and tribulations of others. And so I am grateful for my life, oh so grateful for what I have. Health, family, friends, food, opportunities and joys.

But  lets not digress from the little surprises that I encountered in my knitting lately.


Ultra Pima, a luxurious and beautiful cotton from Cascade yarns. It is shiny and lends itself beautifully for slinky singlets or summer scarfs. It certainly has its place in trans-seasonal knitting. Cool and light. Personally, I much prefer working with wool. Cotton seems dry sometimes. Which is great for crochet wash cloths….

Well, I needed to knit a little sample for the shop and often people are a bit at loss as to how to use cotton. And thinking of babies and how to keep them cool yet well dressed in summer, I turned to Eden. This, along with its woolly cousin Milo (which you could also knit in cotton), is one of my all time favourite quick baby patterns. It is so versatile and practical for young children I could knit these vests for all the kids in my life (well, come to think of it, I almost have).

So, back to Ultra Pima. One of my reservation was its shinyness. Would it look to ‘grown-up’ and feel too slippery? Well, I am happy to report that I am totally sold on this cotton. It actually feels almost like merino with a bit of silk. Very soft with just a bit of sheen. And surprisingly, the fabric has got quite a bit of elasticity. Now I think I will have to knit a few more of these cute vests for my little niece and nephew….

Because of this little side step, my celery cardigan has been put aside temporarily.

Tiziano Red

But it is coming along nicely. All those many stitches, row after row….the only way I could ever knit with such fine wool is by choosing a stunning colourway with some variegation. It is just so lovely to look at the growing fabric, despite each row taking such a long time (well, compared to a 10ply project).

And lastly, another project that is waiting to be finished…



The simple A+ Skirt from Make it Perfect is proving to be a winner. I am making it in all kinds of fabric combinations, adding funky panels to liven up the Denim. The Organic Denim is proving to be a big favourite in the shop. I imagine lots of gorgeous skirts being made all over the country….This one though is for me, adding a summery colour splash with these lovely wild flowers. It’s a lovely Cotton/Linen blend by Heather Ross.

So, there you go. This was a little bit of my week. It has been busy one.

On another note, I now officially have opening hours for my humble home-shop. If you live locally, you can now visit me in Campbells Creek on Monday and Wednesday between 10am-2pm. On the first Monday of the month, you can bring your knitting, grab a cuppa and spend some social knitting time here. It would be lovely to meet more local knitters, exchange some tips of the trade and drool over wip’s…we might even pull out some patterns, learn to crochet a granny square or knit some socks….send me an email if you are interested in joining us.


Its Friday. Weekend beckons with some weeding time, a trip to the market and catch up’s with friends. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend with lots of loveliness to enjoy.




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