It has been a flurry of activity here over the past couple of weeks.

For one, I have crocheted myself a sore pinky, the equivalent to a tennis ellbow….go figure….but I am still hooking away every spare minute. Now that I have perfected this simple pattern, I am loving working on cute colour combos and packaging options. It is amazing how something so simple can warm someone’s heart. But then again, isn’t that with life in general?

I am now sewing Aline skirts in my sleep and after completing a particularly cute one, I had to make one for myself. After all, one must wear a new skirt to one’s 40th, I think…..

Aline skirt with Organic Denim and Kokka Rabbits

So, yes. The big 4.0 has arrived. With some trepidation and contemplation to start with. But I finished my birth day celebration just simply feeling humbled and blessed and oh so grateful for what I have and how far I have come in 40 years….

40 times around the sun and I have….

… grown to become adventurous and curious

….gone out into to the world to find my spot

… moved country, grown roots and met my true love

… grown through hard work and honesty

…. made babies, created a family and found a home

… made friends and learned to cherish them

…. learned to honour and accept my idiosyncrasies

…. and finally found the one thing that makes my heart sing and fills me with passion

….leaned to take responsibility for my own actions

My day was filled with friends popping by to wish me well, presents, flowers and breakfast in bed (well, not really, but that was the plan anyway), champagne and a lovely lunch with superman….

Oh, I never mentioned I was married to superman? Check out the best present a serial crafter could wish for….

Custom built shelf for all my goodies....
arranging colours


The shelf is great, as it has a bottom row for the bolts of fabric. But the best part of all was the two hours spent arranging the skeins by colour families, monochromatic or by weight….I haven decided yet, but this is how it is looking so far….

The man spent days building and assembling it without me knowing. Bless his heart!

I will soon have official opening hours for those of you who are local. I am dreaming up classes and workshops and some wine and wool nights…oh, the ideas….


I hope you are all well and crafting away.






2 thoughts on “4.0.

  1. Hi Alex, happy brithday! Been meaning to email you the link to the crochet coasters I was telling you about at Andrew’s party… http://crochet.about.com/od/vintage/ss/aa052606.htm also got it from this blog rather than the one I told you… http://blogsteaandme.blogspot.com/ anyway I’m enjoying your blog! you’ve inspired me to knit again and I finally finished my first cowl, will have to visit your shop when you’re open, otherwise I’ll hear your news from A, cheers, sue

    1. Hi Susan,
      thanks for the Birthday wishes AND for the great links! I am crocheting some snowflakes at the moment….some decoration for this summery Christmas of ours….hope you’re well.

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