Ok, so I can be a little bit obsessive when it comes to knitting….I can easily spend the entire day clicking away. Not that this happens very often mind you….

And now there is crochet. I have always liked the cute vintage granny squares, and more and more I am seeing grannies and ripples popping up in the most amazing and eye-popping colours. Some are colour matched and designed. No scrap busters there…

And then I remembered that I did learn to crochet at school, and, like with knitting and driving a car, once the technique is learned, it’s kinda programmed in your brain and a bit of practice and you are off and running. I like the idea of hooking away on little grannies in between projects, on a hot summer day by the pool, when lugging a big wool jumper is just not possible.

But I am a bit colour challenged and to embark on a big project involving 10 different colours and more than a vague idea how a granny blanket should look like is a bit daunting….I am overwhelmed by the designs out there, the amazing colours and crochet techniques. Trailing through Ravelry has me salivating but utterly undecided.

There are the random stripes, the ripples, the stars, the african flower, and of course the hexagons. The queen of crochet at the moment seems to be Lucy from Attic 24 (yes, do visit her. It’s absolute crochet eye candy).

So, with a crochet hook in one hand and a shelf full of delicious cotton I really, really want to crochet something! I have Cascade Ultra Pima and Abuelita’s sweet, sweet  colours to choose from. And I am on a mission to give hand-made for Christmas this year….AND I am ahead of schedule for once.

So I have embarked on a wash cloth frenzy. First I have knitted a couple with Abuelita’s Organic Cotton.

Knitted and the strand held single, they are soft and delicate, like a baby’s skin. I am using a different pattern now and the yarn held double, and the fabric still soft but much firmer.

A simple double crochet version with the yarn held double again has created a firm and sturdy fabric, perfect for scrubbing some grotty faces.

crochet vs knitted

Crochet makes for a very quick project. Next I will try to crochet with a single strand and maybe stripes. One thing is for sure, they will all look different and be utterly delicious. I might even keep some for myself. The question is though if I feel like using them on jam stained noses and other crusty bits…..

Trio of colours
A trio for Sale

Little bundles of face washers neatly tied up and ready to go to the Food Garden in Campbell’s Creek for some Christmas Shopping inspiration. I will also display my range of cotton for sale there. So if you are local, head over, grab some organic goodness and fondle some organic cotton while sipping a hot cup of Chai….

What are you crafting for X-mas?

Have a lovely weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hooked.

  1. Alex…they are beautiful…I know what you mean, they look too good to use. I too am working on a crochet piece…a quick and easy baby blanket with a super soft unplyed chunky yarn…some hand painted mixed up with the same wool in natural…♥

  2. …..ist das wirklich die Alex die ich kenne 🙂 ? Wär hätte gedacht, dass du mal tage-, wochen-, jahre ? damit verbringst mit jeglicher Art von Handarbeit.
    Ich staune nur noch….woher nimmst du nur all die Zeit ? Miss you Joli

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