A day.

I had a busy day. Busy in a good way.

With a couple of hours spare up my sleeve, I was on a roll sewing a wrap skirt for a friend. I love wrap skirts in summer, they are light a breezy and flattering. And I don’t mind bold and vibrant colours either. This one will go to Switzerland. My friend has been patiently waiting for a year for these….so there, a first christmas present on the way. Pattern is by Make it Perfect and very easy to follow.

Somersault by Erin McMorris

In between big projects, on long car trips, class meetings and whenever possible really, I have been knitting away on these…

A trio of bowls

This was the easiest project ever. After a couple of hours of mindless circular knitting I threw them in the washing machine with our regular wash and out came sweet little bowls. For kids they are perfect to hold crayons, beads or marbles and for babies they are just so lovely to manipulate, put things in and take them out…I am making myself a few for buttons and bobbins and my little trinkets….

Pattern is here. I have used Cascade 220 in Grey, Aster and Midnight Blue.

After 4 of these I needed a break. Inspired by a friend, I have cast on for little cotton face washers.

Organic Cotton
Sweet and soft

I never thought I would love these little thing so much….the organic cotton is sublimely soft and once wetted, they are lovely to wash those grubby faces and hands…Now I think they are the loveliest little present for a little baby, ticking all the feel-good boxes. Organic, soft, handmade and in a range of beautiful colours… who could resist.

Abuelita’s Organic cotton is great for this project and the colours are lovely…and one skein makes a lot of washers….

They are easy to make up to your own specifications. If you need inspiration, ravelry has got lots of options for both knitting and crochet.

Finally, another Birthday/Christmas present in the making is a fern lace cowl using Madelinetosh Merino.

Madelinetosh Merino in INK

Tosh Merino is a single ply worsted yarn, sublimely soft and a bit fuzzy…it is the colour thought that is just stunning. This is another present that with head overseas. This time to Milan, where winter is starting and days can be very grey and dreary. And before you think I am a globetrotting, international renowned knitter, fear not….this is going to my cousin for her 40th Birthday.

Well, it has been a good day and so fulfilling. I love to spend a day going from one project to another and then back again….and in case you are wondering what happens to my kids while I am busy being creative and fulfilled?

let's get wet and paint our bodies....

They were creative too and had a fabulous, unsupervised couple of hours. Happy kids, happy mama….

I hope you are on track with your christmas preparations. And if you are not crafting for the jolly season, I hope you are crafting anyway…



One thought on “A day.

  1. Hello,
    I was searching around for a washcloth pattern and the one you are making is absolutely just what I was looking for. I did look on ravelry, but just couldn’t find the right one. Did you use a particular pattern? I am not really experienced enough to wing it, and was hoping you would be able to help. Thank you!

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