Spring Sewing

Kids are growing like weeds.

Not that I need encouragement to sew dresses. And I have been wanting to sew a few pieces from this lovely Japanese Sewing Book for ages. Its called “Basics for Girls” and you can still get it via Amazon Japan.

Yesterday I made a quick and easy t-shirt dress for Miss E. No effort (though I still managed to stuff it up….) and a great, casual dress for school.

T-shirt Dress

...with unintentional ruffles......

The skirt was supposed to go under the t-shirt…but I kinda like it this way….

All done


Of course, the top is white and I have no hope that it will stay that way for long. I plan to put some appliqué on it once the first stains appear.

Today, I made the Apron Dress from the same book and this one required some more fiddling, but it is still very basic.

Apron Dress

The armhole is meant to be quite large, worn over t-shirts in summer and skivvies and pants in winter. I did size 130cm for Emilia, but I had to take in the sides by at least 2 inches. Also, the armhole and neck bias was too narrow, so next time I would make them wider. The end result however is stunning and a very comfy, floaty dress. I have got some Voile and Double Gauze in the shop, which would be just a dream with this pattern. Or you could go the other way and try it out in a boxy linen for a completely different effect…..

....matching leggings.....


Fabric is ‘Raindrops’ by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit.

It’s hard to tell, but my big girl seems to have contracted Slapped Cheek. She has a subtle rash and redness on her cheeks and all over her torso. Timon was sick too, with various symptoms. Last night I thought they might have Scarlet Fever….or Meningitis….(Dr. Google). This morning they woke up bright as sparks, but still quarantined, just to be sure….

Next up are some Echino Linen pants in Turquoise…..to go under the Apron Dress on a cool day….

Yes, I am in love with these colours. Royal Blue, Turquoise….the are strong and bold colours, and very happy.


Happy Weekending



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