New in stock – Happy Spring Colours

Abuelita 100% Organic Cotton
Non GM Modified Cotton

These colours, my friends, have been inspired by the amazing crocheters out there. Granny, Hexa or round, little bursts of colours are just making me so happy at the moment….

I have never made one of those lovely little squares, but to me it looks like the ultimate mobile project and a longterm affair you dont have to apologise for. I mean, crocheting 153 squares, then lovingly sew them together to create the crochet version of a quilt is just an achievement. That it may take 5 years to complete is totally ok. The end product is inevitably something you are going to cherish forever. Or your children.

Doesn’t everybody have a crochet pillow slip or lap blanket, inherited form a grandmother or great-aunt? I do. Several.

And then there are the contemporary crochet ‘artiste’….

Attic 24

These colours remind my of what is happening in my garden right now…..

Attic 24
Attic 24

If you are still sceptical, you must visit Lucy @ Attic 24 for some serious crochet inspiration. You’ll leave wanting to make yourself a hexagon scarf at least….

So, today I sprinkle you with some juicy colours and a special Spring offer.

Order any 5 of our latest Abuelita 100% Organic Cotton


recieve a crochet hook for free (while stock lasts)

Spring Water
Rose Quarz
Lapis Lazuli

And just so you know, Abuelita are into the environment too….their Cotton is Fair Trade and from non-GM Cotton. I like that.

Of course, if you are not into crochet, this lovely colours make gorgeous little kids vests too…I like this combo.


I leave you with these happy colours and wish you all a lovely, springy and breezy day.


PS: for an excellent Hexagon ‘how-to’, go here

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