The End.

Snail Race

At the latest count, the children have collected 9 snails. They are feeding them silverbeet and analysing their poos and giving them hilarious names. It is our last day of the holidays and by far the quietest of all. The kind of ordinary day you want to capture not just with your camera, but in your heart.

The day began with hid-and-seek, morning tea on the ‘fearie’ hill (I wasn’t invited), interspersed with bike rides and games of ‘tiggi’. Lunch of left-overs followed by requests of afternoon tea treats…..Now they are busy housing and cooking for the involuntary pets.


It is my kind of day.

Our holidays were hijacked by intensive swimming lessons, which have dictated most of our days. Then there was a trip to a friends farm, where the highlights included rabbit shooting (for the big boy), yabby catching and an exhiting ride on a real fire engine, with sirens and all. And lots of crazy play with 4 most gorgeous new friends. It was messy, carefree and so nourishing. So a quiet day at home, for pottering about and sorting out unfinished things is just was is needed.

So many unfinished affairs are not good for my sense of order. But it happens every time. Mountains, literally, of washing to fold and pack away….beds to be made, toys to be sorted. Fridge to be cleared out of dubious content. Dinner ideas to be jotted down. Shopping list for the school week ahead. Lunch ideas are bouncing around in my head with the best intentions to be turned into reality. And I sooo want to sit down and knit a few rows…..

And then there is the studio to be sorted. And since I am in the mood, I really should be making a list of all the unfinished projects that are languishing in some corner….Emilia’s quilt, a dress that needs buttons and some pockets. Another wants to be finished. But somehow, all I am doing is tidying and rearranging dreaming up new projects.


But, alas, I have tidied up, clothes are put away, the fridge is somewhat cleaner. Dinner is still just a distant idea and the shopping list unfinished. The studio looks the same but different and I am making myself a coffee and a tiny (secret) square of dark chocolate. And  my new ‘in-between projects’ knitting is coming out.

Garter Yoke Cardi

Oh yes, didn’t you now? Between big projects, you do need a little project to break the journey. While I have almost finished the yoke on my Tappan Zee, I had to have a break after I had to redo the same row 5 times. And I find cotton  a bit harder and slower to work with than wool. So there.

I had to cast on something quick and sweet. So I had this Citronille knitting pattern for yonks and I had some wool in my stash from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Together, it is turning into a little Cardigan. Love the peacock colour of this 100% Australian Wool. It is fast becoming my favourite colour.

So, this is it, my scattered and chilled out day….we haven’t achieved much, and we might have snails for dinner. But this must have been the best day of the holidays.

I hope you had a lovely week and are gearing up for a fun and creative weekend.



PS: For my local peeps: I won't be at the market tomorrow. Instead, I will open the shop from 11am-3pm. Come 'round for a cuppa, some yarn talk and show and tell.

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