I have been spending way too much on the computer drooling over some seriously stunning and breezy projects. My head is a muddle  of ideas, so I am contemplating drawing up excell spreadsheet of projects and the yarn needed.

To be honest, I have not even finished the yoke part of my cotton cardi, but there are already other projects that are tempting me. Do you want me to tempt you too? Are you looking for a breezy spring project, something lush and soft to drape around? Well, here it is:

Breezy Cardigan

This one looks just superbly comfy. Breezy, light and soft. Endless rows of st st can be a bit of a bore, but sometimes some mindless knitting with lace weight yarn is just what is needed during 90 of swimming lessons….

Waters Edge Cardigan

Not for my shape, but nevertheless, super cute I think….maybe in the Road to China Worsted? Yum.

Ribbed Vest

How about this? Perfect also over a short sleeved T, knit up in luxuriously soft Road to China. My friend Caithlin is making this in the stunning Sapphire colourway…

Or how about this sweet thing?

Vitamin D

Today was like Christmas at my house. Two boxes filled to the brinm with lovely, silky and drapey yarn.

Tomorrow I will unpack and photograph and show you all the loveliness.

Today I must go to bed early so I can be fresh and bright for a mob of chirpy squirrels.


Enjoy the spring in your step.





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