It has been quiet here.

Did you miss me? Well, I suppose not. You are probably as busy in your own life as I am. You probably get caught up in the day-to-day, the mundane and the necessary. You might even have to dig deeper at times to get through the day. Or you feel your family needs to re-group and stay close, to stay grounded and balanced. Sometimes our lives do that to us. Take us up and up, spiralling higher and faster. And then we come crashing down, children get sick, partners are tired and cranky and basically life is telling us to slow down. Right down. To look after ourselves and each other, to cosy down, have lots of family time on the couch and remind us why we are here and what our journey is.

Or maybe you feel none of the above and were wondering where I got up to…..

Either way. I am here. Slowing down and breathing in but still letting my needles do the clicking…..’cause when the going gets tough, knitting brings me right down to earth.

Ascot in Terra

Last week we started preparations for our end of term Spring Festival at the School. Yummy food had to be organised, and a little present was knitted up for Gian’s Prep teacher. I was difficult to choose a colour, as I always see her in the typical (for Steiner Schools) mauves and pinks, so I stuck with the same colours, so that she could wear this sweet little scarfette at school. Terra is just a lovely and luxurious yarn for this pattern.  The pattern is simple and a super quick knit. My Ravelry notes are here.

I also finished another beanie, this time in the Fibre Company’s Organik.



Wesley in the colours Arctic Tundra, Lichen and Highlands



This was a another quick knit with an interesting stitch. Slouchy and cosy. I imagine lots of different colour combinations that could work. Organik is a great yarn and the silk gives it the strength and makes the colours shine. Emilia loves it, but this one is going into my beanie stockpile for next winter…I hope..Find my Ravelry notes here.

Since I accidentally shrank and felted my only merino cardi (don’t ask), I am desperate for a new one. So I have finally bitten the bullet and cast on my own in-between seasons cardi. The mornings are still fresh, and I love to have another layer on. After much researching and debating I decided this was going to be the one. Since all that lovely Cascade Sierra arrived I was plotting to knit something ‘springy’ with it for myself….A neutral navy it is. And I will post photos soon…

This is it for my knitting….I wonder what you are knitting on. Has your knitting slowed down? Or have you just started a new project? Do tell..

On the Shop front, I am excitedly waiting for a new shipment of Malabrigo Yarns, including some Sock and Worsted. The Fibre Company is sending over some more Organik and also some Savannah and Cascade Yarns is sending over a small shippment of lovely Heritage Silk and Ultra Pima Cotton (beware, the colour choice of cascade yarns is staggering).

So you see, you can’t slow down your knitting! The temptation is too great!


Have a wonderful weekend, will you.




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