We are having ourselves some computer problems here…well, it is actually the charger, so for this weeks I am working on fast dwindling battery life.

It is frustrating but also liberating in a funny way. I did not realise (or in denial?) how  much time I was spending in front of the computer screen. So this week instead of watching Crownies on iView, I have started to read a book and I am going to bed earliers. Which is so good on so many levels….

And I have started a new knitting project. The Wesley Beret in my new favourite yarn, Organik. Oh, it is delicious! It comes in a sweet, tiny package (50g skeins), but it is big on goodness. 70% Wool, 15% Alpaca and 15% Silk, it is soft as it is warm and has a lovely sheen to it. The Alpaca not only adds warmth, but also a lovely drape.

Beanie in Organik


After my last beanie, the Opus Spicatum in the Road to China, I was inspired to do another beanie. I like quick fixes in between bigger projects. The colours I chose are Lichen, Highlands and Arctic Tundra.

Lichen, Arctic Tundra and Highlands

I am knitting away whilst sitting on the veranda, watching my boys practice jumps on their bikes….

Love the spirit…


That’s it for today, battery is running low…..


Enjoy Spring!




2 thoughts on “Next.

  1. ahh NOW I see what you meant about him jumping a shovel
    and forgot to ask you today – did you end up trying the plate/ wet block with the fairisle hat ? [ speaking of which I still want to show Nadie that gorgeous Road To China yarn !! ]

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