Fair Isle. Lessons learned.

Opus Spicatum



Remember this? I started it, frogged it then re-started it with the right needle size….all when smoothly once I got the hang of it….and then, as I sewed in the last threads it occurred to me that this beanie was not slouchy or beret-like. In fact, it did not even look like it was going to fit a fully grown head….

No sire, it fits only my 8-year old daughter. Beautifully and perfectly. But it is not the size intended….Soooooo.

My friends, I will now always check my gauge and adjust my needles. I had a lightbulb moment about the gauge measurements, you know? The numbers given are NOT an average and if you think you are a ‘normal’ knitter, all will be well. Oh no. If the pattern designer is a loosey loose knitter, it will be HER gauge I am looking at, not some generic average !!! What is average anyway??

I will try to wet block it on a plate as suggested by other clever ravellers. My notes are here.

Anyway, today are Parent-Teacher interviews, so I am off to hear all about my kiddlets from a teachers point of view….then its just hanging out and staying warm….

Tomorrow I will be at the Wesley Hill Market again, so if you are around, come by and say hi.

Have a fabulous weekend, will you.









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