A lot of things are feeling fresh today.

For one, we have just come back from a lovely weekend in the Grampians. No kids, no alarm clock, no computer and no plans. And no knitting.

It was lovely to escape for a couple of nights and enjoy some bush walks and lazy breakfasts.

Back at home, the kids had a fabulous time with their friends too and I am feeling very grateful to a wonderful friend who has opened her house and heart to my three cherubs. They are little angles, but a weekend with 5 kids is still a busy affair and not for the faint hearted…

Well, and today I have got myself a box full of spring knitting supplies. Full of soft, squishy and bright Cotton/Wool blend to get stuck into.


I did take some knitting away with me, but for some mysterious reason, I just could not find my knitting mojo. Weird, I know, put the pattern I was attempting would just not work, so I packed away the lovely yarn and just relaxed. I then decided to give knitting a break and concentrate on sewing, or, get this, maybe even read a book.

Well, this idea did not last long. The minute I saw the box from Cascade yarns I knew I had to do some test knitting….

I have always been a reluctant Cotton knitter. There is something about the lack of squishyness and the dryness of the fibre that does not appeal to me like wool does. And often, the fibres split, making for messy knitting. This is why I have started the season gently. With some soft Pima Cotton and Wool blend. Imagine the coolness of cotton with just a little bit of springyness of wool. Best of both worlds.

Well, with the knitting break put on hold, I have cast on for this little Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting.

I have attempted to knit this pattern last year on a camping trip. I remember pulling up at a yarn store on the way to find some cotton to go with it. The shop only stocked 2 colours of Debbie Bliss Cotton and so I gave it a go. I now can’t remember what the problem was, but I never got past the raglan shaping. I remember to have found the pattern complicated and so dropped that project. Well, funny how this time round, I just dived in and proceeded without much difficulty. Reading the pattern now,  a year of knitting later, it seems a breeze.

Spring Garden Tee

The colour is “Regal” and a most vibrant purple. My girl chose it. I would have gone for “Sprout”.

Sierra - Sprout

Oh, I am in love with this green…..just what I had in mind.

There are so many pattern on ravelry where Sierra would be the perfect yarn of choice. And spring is around the corner….one day at a time.

Pistache – for a little girl

Liesl – for the romantic in you

Buttercup – comfy

Olearia – girl cardi with a twist

Norie – Beanie

Miette – Vintage style

Kanoko – Baby pants

Offset Wraplan – another toddler cardi

Petrie – classic summer top

Solstice – a favourite

There is more, more, more, but I just wanted to inspire you knitting for Spring. As usual, I only have a small selection of colours. If you are particularly keen on a colour, drop me a line and I am happy to order in for you.


Sierra - Ginger

Well, it is cool and grey outside today. So we are cosying up and knit a few rows.

Have a lovely week.


3 thoughts on “Fresh.

  1. Grampians…we’ve been there too…..years ago. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here in Switzerland with got a late summer with wonderful
    weather. You still can go for a swim in Lake Lucerne…..

    xxx joli

  2. on my monitor the pic doesn’t do the colours justice at all – that turquoise that I got from you today is just sooooo much richer … and the purple that you’re using for the little top is just so saturated with colour in real life.

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