I just had to tell you!

This burst of colour arrived yesterday and I cannot stop smiling! Arne’t these colours just superb?

The best thing however is that Taiyo by Noro is 40% Cotton, 30%Silk, 15%Wool and 15% Nylon. In other words, cool, soft and durable.

The colours practically speak of spring, sunshine, bare feet and ice cream. Fresh cut grass and little buds and dragonflies.

Taiyo is a 10ply Aran weight yarn, loosely plied and delicious.

I am thinking a little summer vest, a cottony cardigan….here are some of my finds.

Eden by Georgie Hallam

A lovely little singlet vest. The pattern calls for a 8ply cotton. I am knitting the 9 mos size hoping for a lightly larger size. The colours are just so sweet and fresh.

There is also the lovely Plain Vest from Pickles, that calls for the Abuelita Organic Cotton and Abuelita Lace, but I think it would look equally good in Taiyo. I’ll be getting some organic cotton in September, so I will have to knit this one up too….just because.

If you have a little baby girl in your life, you must check out this 50′ Frills Kit form Pickles. All in cotton and just adorable!

For us Ladies, the Easy Breezy Summer Top looks like a very flattering and practical top. Easy, with a combination of Merino and Cotton.

Another simple vest for a big boy? Pickles again.

And if you thought you could give your knitting needles a rest over summer, or sweat over winter knits, think again? A sunny cardi just for you!

And lastly, a Fun Top.

Looks like it will be a busy season!

The sun is shining, we are off to make Pizzas in our Wood-fired oven to welcome the new neighbours to the hood.

I’ll be taking my summer knit with me.


Have a fabulous week!








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