A day in pictures.

Today was a pupil free day. Meaning, the whole gang at home, plus a friend.

I quite like those impromptu mid-week home days. It doesn’t feel like the weekend, but it still throws my regular routine out. Not that they need me for anything other than the steady supply of food and the occasional arbitration. I guess this is one thing I love most about living in the country and having lots of space around us to explore. The kids are so busy outside! They go on adventures (lately they have been obsessed with packing snacks in their backpacks and going off on mini adventures), ride their bikes, build cubbies for fairies, or make potions with all sorts of dubious ingredients.

At the moment they seamlessly shift from outside play to quiet reading book time. They almost feel their own rhythm and when it is time to settle down for a bit, before going out again…however, as the day progressed I noticed that miss E and Timon were looking suspiciously glassy eyed and rosy cheeked. As I suspected, tonight they both have a fever and are all congested. But it was a good, busy day.

Tomorrow we will have a quiet day with camomile and chicken soup and lots of books.

So then,  I give you my day in pictures…..

A most loved vest pattern, this time for a little girl called Ava…all finished and ready to go to a new home. This is knitted in the most luxurious Road To China worsted, a heavenly blend of Camel, Alpaca, Merino and Silk. You can imagine…..soft is just a word…..I am very pleased with it.

Like sleeves, raveled here


In between food production for a ever-hungry crowd, I managed to sew and un-do and re-sew and completely botch this sample skirt……I managed to stay calm and collected during this frustrating process…but I can only blame myself. You know the old saying “measure twice cut once”? Well, it is true and I am learning the hard way. It is done, but because I had to cut so much off from the seams, I have yet to find out what size it is…it has shrunk quite considerably.

A-line skirt in organic Denim

But I do love the combination of dark denim and this lovely Saffron Craig fabric. These skirts are going to look great! The pattern is by Make it Perfect and is a great staple item for your wardrobe. I am now stocking this gorgeous organic Denim. It is lovely and soft yet has got the real denim sturdiness to.

Last night I started a simple little pleasure knit. With so many projects off the needles I am in the mood for something little and easy before starting the next big project.

Little things


Little Things is a sweet little beanie with an interesting construction. I have a feeling I will get two beanies out of one skein of wool…The wool is non other than the  lovely Madelinetosh Sock in Oxblood.

And food-wise? Well, today I hit the jackpot on all levels.Mostly thanks to the lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes and her post with some yummy suggestions…

Yogurt and Lemon cake with Raspberries

I had all the ingredients on hand and simply substituted the SR Flour with my own Gluten Free flour. So lovely and moist! You can find the recipe here.

For lunch we make sushi…..straightforward tuna, avocado and carrot…

And dinner was a ‘almost’ veggie chilli with quinoa wrapped in mountain bread and then quickly fried to melt the cheese. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, go and check out the recipe here. I added last nights stake to the chilli mix as an afterthought. And the quinoa just is perfect with it. A must try! Sadly, middle child did not believe me and refused to try it…

Spicy bean wrap (photo via here)

So, that was my day. I am quite pleased.

Now back to my knitting.

Hope you had an action-packed day too.






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