Another stunningly beautiful day! Perfect! Sunny with a cool breeze! This is my kind of weather.

Honey Cowl

Perfect weather to sit with a friend on a sunny veranda, drinking tea, solving parenting and other urgent and not so urgent problems, catching up on the happenings of our little town. And to knit. Knit furiously and constantly, because I am soooo keen to try on my new cowl. The shades of pumpkin, corn and tangerine tantalising me and cheering my soul.

Of course, there would be more pressing things to attend to.

There would be the mountain of washing that has been piling up since my marathon run of 5 loads of washing over the weekend. The weather was perfect for drying too…I have started on the folding, but it is still sitting on the carpet upstairs. I guess I am hoping that the owners of the clothes would have the idea to put it away themselves…will have to drop a hint or two…

There would be the car that is getting filthier by the day. Food containers and apple cores, muesli bar wrappers and rice crackers and the overdue library books.

There is the sewing for prep…those silk capes from so long ago that are so annoying that I can only manage one every week….

There is dinner, that as of 2pm is not even an idea….help, I need dinner inspiration again! The matter is complicated by the fact that as of this week, I am off wheat, which makes my usual quick pasta dinner not an option.

There are the unfinished knitting projects that need to be done so that they can go to their new homes.

And of course, there is the endless dusting and cleaning that I will not even contemplate on a day like this.

No, what I really had to do on a day like today is finish my Honey Cowl and put it on. And let me tell you. It is so lovely to wear! All squishy and soft and warm around my neck. And the colour is a dream! All happy and cheery and yummy.

Madelinetosh Vintage must be my favourite yarn at the moment. It is so robust but still soft. And the colours jus incredible. In fact, I have spent the past few nights picking out colour for the new summer yarn, Madelinetosh Merino Light. It is very hard to choose from 9 pages of photographs, to pick the right combinations, to narrow it down to only 10 colours or so.

But the order is in and I cannot wait!

And speaking of wool, I am expecting new yarn shipment for our spring/summer yarn. There will be Organic Cotton from Abuelita, Sock Yarn form Malabrigo, Sport and Cotton/Wool blend from Cascade yarns and later in spring the said Madelinetosh Light.

Good stuff and lots of lovely spring patterns to choose from. Here are my favourites at the moment:

Vitamin D



Celery Cardigan


Hay Cardigan


Blackcurrant Shawl 






There are many more gorgeous patterns online… but that will have to do for today.

Honey Cowl


Enjoy the warmth












3 thoughts on “Procrastination.

  1. Always love reading your posts. Especially enjoyed your Procrastination blog. As a mother of four I can relate to the filthy car, mountain of folding, and non inspiration for dinner again. I have managed to solved my folding problem by giving my 3 older kids pocket money and one of the jobs is sorting the folding for me, if it doesn’t get done the pocket money gets docked. works a treat.

    1. Thanks Heidi!
      Somedays it all feels a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?
      Great idea with the pocket money. My oldest is only 8, and money does not mean much, but I am certain that the idea of actually earning some would be a great incentive for her. Will try it out on the next washing basket, as I have finally put away all the clean laundry….

  2. Love the cowl, I’ve been thinking about doing that one for while now. I’m loving this weather too so time to go outside and do some gardening before school pick-up.

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