Warm Maize

If you have been keeping track you will know that I have a knack for starting lots of projects at the same time….I don’t know if I can put it down to my short attention span….I have a feeling it is more my inability to resist temptation.  And let’s be honest, who can?

If you worked in a Deli, would you be able to resist all the yummy Prosciutto, Camembert, marinated Eggplant and crusty baguette? Really? I didn’t think so.

I am surrounded daily by gorgeous wool and am forever browsing Ravelry in search for patterns. In my mind, I pair up patterns with wool and match up colours and select fibres. So I think I can be forgiven for casting on yet another ‘little’ project just to satisfy urge to finally use some of this wonderfully sunny skein of Madelinetosh Vintage in Warm Maize that I have put aside for me. It was waiting patiently for the perfect project and the right timing. Well, today it was right.

The sun was shining gaily and teasing us with the promise of spring. I had opened my little studio for the first time to the public and welcomed a lovely group of ladies who came to browse my shelves and be inspired. It was their passion that inspired me. Yes, it was their enthusiasm for Madelinetosh that finally broke my resolve. I just HAD to cast on for the Honey Cowl. And it HAD to be this happy colour!

Of course, I cannot ignore my other projects….There is the little vest in the super soft Road To China that is waiting to be sewn up and photographed. Then there are the Socks that I knit for our knitting group. The Opus Spicatum beanie in that pesky Fair Isle pattern that I had to put down because of rising frustration….I have also just started a Noro Cowl for a friend.

But tonight it has to be the Honey Cowl.

So you see, I find it hard to resist temptation. At least when wool is concerned. I have not given in to my resolve to give up coffee, although today I came very close. There is nothing quite like a saturday morning coffee in bed, now isn’t there?

But I think that passion and temptation go hand in hand and that we do need both in our life to give us pleasure. How dull would life be without desire, burning passion and the giving in to temptation? We can’t always be good and sensible, can’t we?

So tonight, do yourself a favour, have that piece of chocolate you crave, have a glass of red before dinner or anything else you desire. Give in, and cast on for something luxurious just for yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have planned




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