Market Day

Do you go to a farmers Market? Do you have an Artists Market in your area?

Well, we are very lucky in our neck of the woods, as we have several close by. Once a month there is the Artist Market full of crafty goodness from jewellery to hats and recycled clothing. On the same day as the Artists Market, there is the local Farmers Market with gourmet cheeses and dips, chickens and fresh produce… Both markets make for a full and  vibrant day in Castlemaine and we usually make it a social event, where we catch up with friends for coffee and a bite to eat.

Then we have our weekly produce market on Wesley Hill, where you can get your raw milk, bio-dynamic meat, artisan bread and other yummy things.

And then there is me now, with my little stash of wool. Oh, how I love market day!

Wesley HIll Market

Saturday was my second market and I absolutely love the day there. We have been coming to this market for years now, but being now a stall holder is quite different. The children hung out with me the first time and had a ball running around, eating custard buns from the Yum Cha stall and playing with friends. I got to meet so many new people, talk about my passion and giving out some knitting advice. It was lovely to see other knitters drool over the gorgeous wool and give appreciative nods when touching a particularly soft skein….

Wool and knitting appeal to our tactile and visual senses in such a profound way….You know, the skein of wool you must have because it looks so divine and feels so soft….but you don’t know what you are going to do with it yet. It will sit pretty in your stash and wait for just the right project, and then you just KNOW.

Well, you see, I can get carried away when talking about wool… having a stall and getting to talk to like-minded people is just my thing. Really now….

Market Display

The fact that our town hasn’t got a craft shop is multiplied by the number of avid knitters in the area. I feel having a good yarn shop is like a community centre. It calls for women (and some men) to get together, compare crafts and patterns and tips. And to be able to have access to beautiful and good quality supplies just goes without saying. So, this is where I am heading with plan. In the meantime, it will be the market and a growing knitting group.

Yoked Cardigan at the market

The little Yoked Cardigan got lots of attention at the market as well as my attempts at Fair Isle (oh yes, I had to undo the whole damn thing because I had the wrong needle size. I mean seriously! How could I??? But I am not letting this distract me from the bigger picture of finally mastering the Art and make a Opus Spicatum….)

Sunday was spent recovering from a day of talking. And since the weather was so nice we took our bikes out of the shed, attached the trailer to my bike and we headed out for a glorious ride into town and back. I needed the extra exercise obviously and got to pull the trailer and all the shopping AND number three child….

I hope you had a great weekend.



2 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. Your stall looks so nice, wish I had of gone to it. I havent been to Castlemaine for a few years now, apart from the quilt shop and antique place. I do hope your dream of owning a yarn store comes to fruition one day and then I may be able to pop in and say hello and see all those gorgeous yarns in person.

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