So what if it is officially still Winter?

We are having the most picture perfect spring day today (disregarding the heavy frost on the car this morning). Suddenly you notice the pretty pink blossoms, the jonquils popping up amidst muddy tracks and little juicy buds dotted on scraggly trees. Oh, the sight of tender leafs lifts even my dreary mood. For I am still under the weather (pardon the pun), with sinus pain like I have never experienced before. Nasty stuff, let me tell you. Pain that turns Stoics like me into wimps…

Which makes me think of the role of mothers in times of sickness. The thing is, we spend so many hours looking after our families. And not just in the hands-on sense of administering Tonics and drops and fish oil ‘burstlets’, band-aids and head-lice treatments. It is the in-between that is so all-consuming, I find. And not in a bad way. The thinking about each family member’s needs, where they are at, what is happening for them. There is the worry that one child is not sleeping well, the other is having some kind of wheat intolerance and the third should be out of night nappies but isn’t. Then there is the meal planning, the protein, the wheat replacements, dairy or no dairy and the so many little things that make up a family life. The soccer training, dancing performance, school performance, the mentoring, the play-dates and the romantic dates that never happen.

Life is full. And my life is by no means any fuller than other families, I know. But what I do notice how little time we take out for ‘self-preservation’. How seldom the main carer is able to press the ‘pause’ button, gets everyone to listen up and say: “Ok you guys, I am running low on energy here and this is what I need from you lot this week: 1. An acknowledgement that I am doing an amazing job 2. dinner cooked for me once a week, and if that doesn’t work, at least give me some dinner ideas. 3. An approving look and a ‘hey sweetheart, you look lovely tonight’ (works wonders) 4. A back rub without happy ending (unless the happy ending is falling asleep).

Oh, the list could go on and I am trying to be quite realistic. It is sometimes hard looking after myself, when there are so many other little (and not so little) people to look after. I would like someone reminding me to take my vitamins, to go for a walk and to have an early night.

So, for the beginning of spring I will make the resolution to look after myself, to listen to my body and to encourage other mums to stop and check in with themselves at least once a day. And maybe organise a girls weekend away…..that’s right!

And now that I got this off my chest, let’s get back to the crafty side of things, shall we?

Picot Edge

These little socks started their life in a lacey pattern but are now simple socks with a pretty picot edge. We started our Sock Workshop on Wednesday. For first time sock knitters the delicate wool and thin needles are a bit daunting. Especially after knitting with 12ply wool and size 9mm needles, these feel like they are going to break at the slightest movement. But it is a great challenge and such a lovely end result.

I got stuck with my Fair Isle beanie. Undoing Fair Isle is a pain and I had to re-knit a few rows before realising that there was nothing wrong in the first place….so I have put it aside until kind thoughts return.

Moss Stitch

Instead I started on a a vest with a simple moss stitch border, with the Road to China. Nice and easy and comforting. Oh, I love this yarn so much….you can see why I like winter so much. I am all about cosy and comforting and soft.

And what has been cooking in my kitchen today? Usually it is simple fare for lunch around here but today I had to feed three ravenous little boys and so I made some super yummy and crunchy Quinoa Patties……oh my, they were good!

Quinoa Patties

As I was making them I has sending a prayer to the kitchen god. She knows how fussy my middle child can be and I was telling her how I needed him to like these….(see above). Quinoa is full of protein you see…. I have added eggs and cheese…both of which said child does not it in its unaltered state….

So, some chilli sauce and homemade tomato sauce later, they were wolfed down to great appreciative grunts and squeals. The recipe is form my new cook book ‘Super Natural Food’. Check out her website for some more tasty quinoa recipes….if you are like me you have had  quinoa in your pantry for the past 3 months with the best intentions but now idea what to do with it….well, I have discovered a new staple….

And now that the nurturing is done, onto some  knitting…

I hope your day is full of spring-happy feelings.



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