I am in a terrible mood at the moment. Well, it is actually not my mood that is affected but my sinuses, and that makes me feel miserable, cranky and irritable. Not really like me.

But it does make me wish for some quiet time with my needles and a soft couch to rest on. I wish for a weekend away, a cosy fire place and lots of ginger tea. But, as this is not likely to happen, I will just contend myself with ginger tea and cosy cuddles on the couch with my little boy, who is just so patient and lovely. And ever so helpful.

Today we had to get ready for our weekly knitting sessions and the beginning of our sock workshop. Timon is a whizz on the old ball winder…

Oxblood and Norway Spruce

We’ll be knitting some socks with our popular Tosh Sock in the those two stunning colourways. Emilia has been begging me to knit her some socks too, so I’ll be casting on with a some yarn I had in my stash for a year at least. We will have a choice between knitting simple ribbed socks or for the more adventurous a pretty lace motive. It will be lovely to watch these stunning yarns turn into socks.

Timon also helped me get some orders ready for shipment….like this lovely Cascade 220 in a rusty orange


Cascade 220 Provence

I have a new custom knit order for a little girl who loves purple. This time in the new Road to China. I’ll be knitting the popular ‘Like sleeves for kids Vest. Funny how some patterns just fit the bill for so many…we will be having 5 of these vests at our school alone….not all knit by me, mind you….and all in different colours. I am particularly looking forward knitting one up in this divine yarn. Just the feel of it makes you want to bury your face in it. Imagine wearing something so soft….perfect really for a little in between seasons vest.



And speaking of Road to China, I have finally bitten the bullet and started a Fair Isle project. I am so proud of myself. I wanted to do Fair Isle for such a long time and have been subconsciously collecting patterns with little Fair Isle motive, so that when the right pattern finally found the right yarn I had to cast on….

Opus Spicatum


This is a free pattern from the Fibre Company. A lovely beret with a seemingly intricate design, but oh so simple to knit. It is going to be super warm with the double layer. Just stunning and can’t believe I waited so long to give it a go….I even learned a clever technique for holding the two strands, but that is another post entirely….

I will clock off early tonight and get a good nights sleep. That is supposed to be good….

I hope you are all keeping warm in this dreary weather..



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