Well, we have been very productive this week.

It seems that despite my love of cold and grey winter days, this spring like weather has injected me with some exuberant energy, a spring in my step and plenty of new ideas. Or maybe I am anxious to finish off knitting projects before I have to move onto sewing.

Not that I ever stop knitting. In fact, spring and summer are a great time for me to create stock for markets and knit up samples for the shop. But I wonder who else knits in summer…is it common practice or am I particularly obsessed? Do you like to knit with cotton for lovely breezy summer tops or do you stick with wool? I am asking because I am thinking of offering a range of organic cotton for knitting as well as lighter wool/cotton blends. So, do drop me a line to tell me how you craft in summer, yes?

So, what have I been doing with myself you ask?

Well, over the holidays I had plenty of time to finish off my third Tiny Tea Leaves for a friend. This time in the lovely, soft Cascade ‘Lana d’Oro’.

Mystic Purple

This is such a rewarding pattern. It is so simple but with such great detail and it works so well with many different yarns. I have now knit this in Cascade 220, Lana d’Oro and Abuelita Worsted and all look terrific. I have yet to knit one up in the suggested Madelinetosh Vintage, but I have put aside the lovely yellow ‘Maize‘ colourway for that purpose.

Next off, I have started on this gorgeous little jumper for a little boy from Paris. Well, it had to be something stylish and classic. Caelum in Madelinetosh Vintage, Thunderstorm colourway was just that.


Looking at the skein it is hard to tell, but as I am knitting this, the most beautiful flecks of blue appear that make this jumper really stand out. I guess that is why I have come to love Madelinetosh yarns. Some colourways are so subtle and elegant, and often the pattern that appears such a lovely surprise.

And speaking of Madelinetosh, next week we will start our much anticipated sock workshop at the Dove. We will be learning how to work with double pointed needles and knit some elegant socks with this wonderful Tosh Sock.

Tosh Sock

I have especially ordered the beautiful Knit Pro Symfonie needles. ‘Cause you have to knit with beautiful needles, don’t you think? I have popped them in the shop, so be sure to check them out. They are so lovely to work with, all smooth and pretty….

Remember the squishy Gap-tastic Cowl I showed you last week? Well, everybody in our knitting group was smitten and making their own version. Here is Joannas in the yummy  Malabrigo Chunky.


Doesn’t it just look delicious? Peta is planning one in a deep burgundy and Kate is dreaming of a teal cowl…..and I am thinking of squeezing in a quicky with the stunning Azul….we will have to have a line up of Gap-tastic cowls.

Well, I am obviously not just knitting…

I have got a new cookbook called “Super Natural Everyday Food” from the author of 101cookbooks blog. I have been following her blog for a while now and I just love her wholesome recipes. If you are into funky vegetarian food, spelt flour and seasonal veggies, you should check her out.

So far I have successfully cooked some yummy Millet Muffins (however, I mistakenly put in Quinoa instead, oops) and today I made her Granola….one word: YUM!


She also uses Farro,  a grain which I happened to find at our local supermarket (go figure…), so I’ll be making a Farro and Roast Pumpkin salad…..fingers crossed it passes the stringent taste test…

This is me. I hope you all had a lovely week, full of productivity, energy and sunshine.


6 thoughts on “Productive.

  1. I also never stop knitting through summer. I swap thicker yarns for cotton and 4 ply wool – great time to knit for the little kids and catch up on socks. Many people like to comment on me knitting socks in summer but when winter hits in the Blue Mountains I am happy in warm sicks and they are no longer laughing (just shivering). I may very reluctantly put the needles down on the reallllllllyyyy hot days but i regret it everytime.

  2. I am one of those slightly nutty knitters who knits in the middle of subtropical summers. Often with wool. Sometimes with bulky wool yarn. Sometimes blankets. My knitting is not dictated by the seasons. A good thing, as I usually can’t keep up with my winter knitting list even if I get a head start in the warmer months leading up to winter. Socks are definitely a good wool knit for those bothered by knitting warmer projects in the warmer months.

  3. I never stop knitting. Ever!
    And the only yarn I’ve felt to be noticeably hot on my hands is alpaca…don’t know why.

    I’m glad I found your blog, I can relate to just about everything you’ve written, from finding time to combine my love (obsession) of knitting with being a mum to three little ones, to taking photo’s of my food!


    1. Hi Nichole, so nice to ‘meet’ you.
      I have put the question about the ‘all-year’ knitting, because I always feel a bit alone when we hit the warmer months and I am still knitting. It is lovely know know that there is this virtual community out there who is as passionate about crafting as I am.
      And as Kim previously said, I feel I need the warmer months to get a head start to work on the kid’s winter wardrobe. Then there are the presents and the ‘must-have’ knits and you easily run out of time…
      I am looking forward exchanging ideas and projects as the season changes.


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