Sneak peak.

Road to China
Aquamarine and Riverstone
Peridot and Citrine

I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak of the new Road to China Worsted.

This yarn is a litte gem. It is luxurious, soft, warm and drapey  and perfect for something precious.  An interesting cowl for your best friend. A drapey shawl for your mother in law? Or maybe a slouchy beanie.

Either way, this is a buttery soft yarn made out of 65% Baby Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Camel and 10% Cashmere and destined to become something special.

It’s funny with yarn. Its a bit like day clothes and going-out-clothes, special occasion outfits and your everyday stuff that you love because its comfy and smells of you….There is the workhorse yarn you use for your kids everyday woollens. The cardi, play-in-the mud jumpers, several beanies (’cause you always end up misplacing one)



But then there is the special yarn that comes out when you want some luxe accessories. Something luminous and silky, soft as a whisper in the colour that is just right. You know what I mean?

Well, Road to China is just that kind of yarn.


I hope you are enjoying a bit of luxury in your day. Because I think we all deserve a little bit of it every so often.



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