Change of plans.


I was planning to write to you about our little holiday. The things we saw on the road, op-shops discovered, walks on the beach and tree top walks…..

Well, things did not go according to plan and here is why.

Rainy Days

Expecting some bad weather , we spent an amazing day at Questacon in Canberra exploring all the amazing things on display and learned quite a lot of curious things. The kids had a ball trying out little science experiment, watching a mini tsunami and waiting for the lightning to strike. We then proceeded on to Kiama and into torrential rains.

What was meant to be a week of beach exploration became an experiment in lockdown. 3 adults, 5 kids and one house. It rained non stop for the 3 days there. Not intermitted, not a drizzle, but torrential and constant. It was quite a sight and sound and I was worried that we would all go stir-crazy. Well, to my surprise, the children had the best time playing legos, dressing up, boardgames, reading books and generally finding lots of ways to amuse themselves. We were all amazed and quite honestly relieved. It could have turned out very differently. But so you can see, I have no photos to share, no great discoveries. I did get lots of knitting done though. 8 hours in the passenger seat is good like that….

I was also eager to get back home as I knew several boxes of scrumptious yarn goodness was waiting to be unpacked and fondled…..oh, the delight upon our arrival! Can you imagine, a box full of Malabrigo Chunky Yarn. Soft, squishy and plump?

The softest, tightly twisted chunky yarn in the most brilliant colours anyone?

Sunset and Verde Adriana

As a special introductory offer, I will take 10% off your first Malabrigo Chunky purchase until the 15th August.

I am sure you will be as wrapped with this lovely yarn as I am .

Malabrigo has got an amazing range of colour, so if you can’t find what you are looking for do let me know and I can order your dream colour.

If you browse Ravelry you will find that Malabrigo is one of the most popular Yarns around. And with good reason. The softness is unsurpassed and the colours just divine. Both the Chunky and Rios are just lovely to work with, all buttery and plump. I was particularly keen to try out the chunky for myself as a change from all the fine yarn I have been working with. It is also such an nice way to get some instant gratification.

I quickly whipped up  the squishy Gap-tastic Cowl and it is on my neck and I am loving it.

I am also eying two projects that I had on my favourites list for ages, Veera’s lovely kid Fishermans Pullover in the Chunky, easy and fast but just so handsome for a little boy.

And how about one last beanie for winter? Fenced in and Thorpe in Malabrigo Chunky are my favourites.

The list could go on but winter is only so long and I have only so many bodies to knit for.

Well, our holidays are over and tomorrow we will be back to school lunches, drop offs and early bed times. While I enjoyed the time with my 3 little rascals I am looking forward to some quiet days with one child at home and a something resembling a routine…

I hope you had a great winter holiday too.


One thought on “Change of plans.

  1. Sounds like your holidays were quite an adventure. I also want to comment on your great photography, very impressive 🙂 Kate xx

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