Purple and Green ...
Add to it some dark green, orange and yellow
Voila (Spanakopita)
Pinks, Yellows and pale Blue
And the perfect Blue on white (Terra in wild clay)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

What makes you happy?

Sometimes it is the simplest things around the house that spark a memory, an idea or puts a smile on your face. Your day may be filled with the mundane and the repetitive, but if you look closely, little things CAN make you smile and set your imagination in motion….A bunch of flowers on a dreary winter day. The crimson of stewed and preserved quinces taken out to brighten our meal. Scraps of fabric lying on the table…

Or when you find the perfect colour yarn.

Rainbow chard cooked with spring and red onion. And then sprinkled with snowy white Fetta…. (not only does it look lovely, it tastes great too…).

Today was a particularly grey day….but the colours in my house were just there, beckoning me to look beyond. And smile at the lovely colour combinations at my fingertips.

Oh, and the new knitting project? Its the Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from Knit Bot. Knitted in my new favourite colour, Wild Clay in Terra. Just so elegant and mysterious.

I hope your weekend was filled with splashes of colour and plenty of inspiration for the week ahead.



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