PJ Special

Monkey Jammies

It has been a couple of very wintry days here. Rain, wind and lots of puddles. Even the kids don’t feel like going outside, preferring the books on the couch and long stints of lego and train track contractions. And if I wasn’t insisting on getting dressed for visitors, they would stay in their PJ’s all day.

Amy Butler Paisley


And seriously, who can deny them the pleasure of hanging out all day in their favourite, baggy, worn thin, hand-me down PJ’s….wouldn’t you? So getting new PJ’s is almost more exiting than a new pair of pants in our house. So Emilia got finally her purple paisley PJ bottoms and for the boys I am making monkey pants and tops. Red for Gian, Cream for Timon. Lounging in style never felt better!

And because I love nothing better then to cosy up in my flannels, I want everyone else to have the same….

So, for every metre of flannel ordered, I will add another 50cm of super soft flannel cosiness. So you can make yourself a pair of PJ’s (sorry, for grown ups, they are now called Lounge pants, pardon). But be warned! You will find yourself wanting to wear them all day. But do not fret. They are so cute, you can wear them to do the school drop off. Promise.

For my own Pants, I use this lovely Pattern fro ‘Make it Perfect’. Sweet dreams is easy and you’ll have a pair of them in 1/2 hour. All you need is a pair of Ugg boots….

So, over at the shop, I have a lovely collection of soft as silk Flannels to tempt you and inspire you. From Tangerine to Elephants, from Monkeys and cheeky spots to elegant Paisley.

Mine are the Turquoise spots if you must know…..

I hope you are all staying warm. Do you wear you PJ’s all day?






2 thoughts on “PJ Special

  1. I am totally in love with wearing PJ’s as day wear. I drop my kids off at school and then put my sorry – lounge pants on, and pick up my knitting for the day. There are many days in the Blue Mountains when I am tempted to pick the kids up with them on. Many times I have gone out with my slippers on.

    1. oh yes, the secret pleasure of hanging out in your comfy gear. Gone are the days too, when getting up and putting on make-up and lovely clothes were part of my routine….now I get dressed for the 3pm pick up at school….at least….

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