Vintage Dress in Linen


Linen from Japan, A sunny spot. Model, supplied by photographer


How was your Weekend?

Mine was entirely spend indoors. In my studio. In front of my sewing machine. The weather? I have not the faintest idea.

Satisfaction level? HIGH.

With the school holidays starting, I have little hope of getting any sewing done, so I had to make a deal with the man of the house….kids entertained and busy while this mama does some catching up.

And it worked. He took them to an Engineering exhibition for the day and I cut and sewed all day. They came back exhausted and happy and full of stories to tell and I showed off my creations.

The dress is made with Linen and inspired by my obsession with Jane Austen and her sisterhood. Not quite the same era, but you get the picture? Linen and high bodice, buttoned all the way on the back. I am contemplating adding some lace, or a white cotton underskirt…..but then, I could get carried away. Emilia fancies herself Mary Lennox from the Secret Garden. Bless her. She loves her period dramas too….


Rolling Hills Skirt


Denim and Yellow
Denim Wrap Skirt

The sunny yellow skirt is a simple pleated skirt with adjustable elastic at the back. I have also made the same one in denim with a green fabric bottom band out of my Oliver + S fabric

Pleated Denim Skirt with Modern Workshop trim

The Denim Wrap skirt is a Citronille Pattern and features pleats and two gorgeous wooden buttons with little sunflowers. I also used yellow stitching and a lovely yellow inner waistband.

Much to Emilia’s disappointment, the skirts will go on sale and are part of my stock. That’s right, ZigoZago is now also selling girls dresses. I will post them shortly on my Facebook site, so if you are interested, hop over there and have a look (with some more photos).

Well, for the next 3 weeks we will be organising play dates, baking muffins, riding our bikes and visiting friends. With a bit of knitting and sewing here and there for sure….

Wishing you all  happy school holidays (if that’s where you’re at) or otherwise, just stay warm.




PS: In the coming weeks we will be getting new stock from Malabrigo and The Fibre Company, so stay tuned for some super yummy shop updates.

6 thoughts on “Skirts.

  1. hey alex….kommentar meiner girls…..mami kannst du das auch ?? Hilfe….!
    Nei, nei….irgendwie könnt ich das schon, aber im moment ist einfach so viel
    los…. Aes liäbs Griässli und für mich bist du die Grösste !


  2. Did you manage to see the ‘Getting Dressed with Jane” presentation when it was on at the Castlemaine library in May? … you would have LOVED it

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