A mixed bag of goodness

Fuzzy Kid Mohair, Merino, Dralon

It has been another busy, tiring but fulfilling week here.

Since my trip to Sydney I have been very motivated and inspired to sew again. Lately, I was so glued to my knitting needles that the thought of drawing and cutting patterns, pre washing fabrics and then cutting them did not appeal to me . There is something to be said about both crafts. A knitting project might take longer to finish, but its set up so instant and very mobile. And quick to pack up at the end of the day.  But sewing requires space. An uncluttered table (gotta get those dried bits of oats off…) is a good start. The fabric needs to be washed and dried (there goes another day). Patterns drawn and cut out and then the fabric cutting….only then does the fun bit start (unless you actually like all that foreplay).

Fibre from dairing

Sometimes I dislike the constant up and down: sewing, ironing, clipping, pinning, sewing, ironing….you get it. Sometimes I feel so phlegmatic, that all I want is to plop my bottom on the couch and not move for 3 hours. Pot of tea included….

But then, when the inspiration strikes, I am off and just thrive on the mechanics of sewing. The humming of my (new, ahem) sewing machine, the rattling of the overlocker and the steam from the iron.  Seeing a most favourite piece of fabric, that has been sitting on the shelve like a good book, cut up and turned into something wearable. And now, with my new stash sitting pretty, I am on a roll.

Little lacy socks

But there are still knitting needles beckoning me. To take a rest. On that soft couch…..

Oh, but I have been asked “what about the children, what about all that cooking and cleaning?”

Ok, so it goes something like this: Get up in the morning, breakfast, a book (for the kids, not me), do lunches and start dinner. A whizz bang general tidying up before school drop off. After that, my little man and I might do our daily post run and shopping before heading back home. He is then off for a bike ride around the house or a play upstairs, while I get to work on my projects. Sometimes he comes and sits in the sewing room and I alternate between sewing on a sleeve and reading a book. That is our compromise. By 3pm it’s all over and it is pick up time and kids and  mamma time. Until bed time, then I keep going. Oh, but there is so much more in between. But you know all about that.

And speaking of cooking, I thought I give you some ideas on the cooking department. Since we all have to eat and life is not just about crafting, right?

Well, here are some of the things that have come from my kitchen lately:

Broccoli and Pancetta Soup

I had a so many heads of broccoli and happened to have some pancetta from a catering job I did on Wednesday. Simply fry up some onion and pancetta, add all your old broccoli that are begging to be cooked up, a couple of potatoes and  yummy stock. Cook, blend and garnish with some grilled pancetta and sour cream. Done in 20 min. And the kids loved it (thanks to the pancetta I am sure….). That’s for the days when dinner is not started at Breakfast time….

Beetroot Dip

Same story. I keep forgetting to cancel the beetroot out of our weekly box. So they stay in the fridge and go wrinkly due to lack of inspiration. I got sick of them taking up precious real estate in the fridge and found a great recipe in an old Marie Claire Book.

Bake the beetroot in the oven until soft, puree till smooth then add yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, salt and pepper and mint and garnish with walnuts. Some Seaweed crackers and carrot sticks and you got lunch covered and the beetroot gone….yay.

And finally last night’s dinner:

Fresh Fettuccine
Eggplant, coriander and chilli

Papa and the kids made the pasta for a special dinner. Yum.

Ok, so this is it for today.. I am off to sew the buttons on the those PJ and cut out a new pattern…..

I wonder what inspires you? How do you combine your crafting urges with your other life? What do you cook when you forgot about dinner?



One thought on “A mixed bag of goodness

  1. Have to admit to having a little bit of ‘winter’ yearning after seeing that picture of broccoli and pancetta soup! I think it must be all that horse intestine I witnessed at the sapa markets today! The smell is in my nose still!
    Nice to come in after a very long and wet day of walking and haggling… To read your posts! Love to you Alex.

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