With a strong coffee and a hot buttered fruit toast I sit down and take a breather…It has been one of those weeks….you the ones, when you feel you are being pulled in all directions.

When you have to be nurse and entertainer to coughing children, making chicken soup and steam baths and keep reminding them for the 100th time to wear their beanies and button up their coats.

When you have to pick up clothes from the floor that just the day before you washed, folded and put in their drawers. The dishes are piling up and you put load after load of washing on.

When you need the inspiration and creativity of a Masterchef to invent tasty and nutritious meals, every day,  when you would be happy with some eggs on toast….

When you want to listen to your 8-year old memorising a play and marvel at her new confidence in reading, cheer on a budding mountain biker and generally want to cuddle and kiss your last baby.

And that is just the mother in me. The other part of me is dreaming up new projects and ideas. Sewing dresses, skirts and PJ’s, knitting beanies and cardigans, choosing yarns for the shop that others will love as much as I do.

To separate combine the two is a daily challenge. To be present with my children and at the same time follow the inspiration when it strikes. My hope is that the way my crafting is blending with my family life becomes a source of inspiration to my children. My daughter sewing her doll’s clothes beside me, the boys using fabric scraps as flags to their pirate ships. I hope that what we model to our children is something valuable and worthy of them. To do what you love, work hard at something you enjoy, that creativity is in everyday, in everything you do. And that washing the dishes or making beds is just a fraction of your day.

This line of thoughts this morning is taking me to unexpected places….It must be the mid winter coldness that makes me so reflective and introverted.

A sunshine skirt

Really, I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Sydney, to the Quilt + Craft show. Which was fantastic! Mostly because I got to catch a plane and spend the day with my favourite friend, buy some stunning fabric and leave with a mountain of inspiration.  It was an incredibly long day….I left my country abode at 5.30am and returned at 11pm…, but such fun.

So with all this new fabric goodness, I could not help but dig in straight away. All have been washed and ironed and some have been merciless cut up for a little sunshine skirt, with more ideas in the pipeline.

I am planning to use my Citronille Pattern “Anguelique” to make a little denim skirt with a panel in this fabulous Echino fabric.

The stash

And there is the stash of some of my personal favourites, which will be sewn up in the next few weeks.

The last few evenings I have watched some favourites  BBC classics on the computer while knitting a little sample top. Jane Eyre and Emma are two of my most favourite movies, not only because of the lovely story, but because of the stunning costumes. I was once more inspired by Emma’s dresses, so I whipped up this simple little dress for Emilia last night….Not quite the same era, but nevertheless the simple linen, empire waist and full skirt are of “the olden days” as Emilia calls it.


It is still unhemmed and I am searching for just the right buttons for the back.

Violette by Citronille

Oh, how I love this dress already. I am contemplating adding some crisp vintage lace trims, a doily? But maybe that would be too historical?

So, this has been me the last few days….

Now I am back to sewing Flannel PJ’s, which are not quite as romantic…..but oh so useful in this cold weather….

I hope you are having a beautiful week…


PS: Remember I have put all my Abuelita Worsted Yarn on Sale. So if you are in need of something super soft and cosy, head over to the shop now!

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