Big smoke.

Today I did a mad dash to the big city for some retail therapy.

But as it can be with therapy sessions, it can leave you energised, motivated and inspired but also slightly underwhelmed…there is never enough time, I get caught up in the rush of people, I want to soak it all in. Mind you, going to the city with a 4 year old (even a super cute one) is not the ideal set up for serious shopping. Not that I am a big shopper anyway. And neither is he…


I was in search for some boots. Birkenstock had the exclusive rights to my feet for way too long and it was time I diversified. And call me vain, for some reason I felt that a trip to Sydney deserved something a bit fancier than the good old slip on birki….

So I got my boots and my boy and I treated ourselves to some soup form the soup bar. There was about 10 different soups to choose from, we got the Middle Eastern Meatball soup, which was great!

the soup bar

What was great was also the people watching, snippets of conversation overheard and the feeling of being in the middle of a ueber cool city. And some special time with my little big boy.

But I do have to admit, when the train pulled into my little country town, just 90min from the big smoke, I felt it was all a lifetime away. I do feel so at home in the country, the feeling is hard to describe. It has been just over 2 years that we made the tree change, and I am so glad. So glad that I can get my city fix once in a while, but so blessed to be able to give my children an country upbringing.

But I love my city boots!

I was planning to go to the Sydney Quilt + Craft fair tomorrow, but unfortunately my flight has been cancelled… instead I will be heading back to the Doveton for our regular knitting get together, a coffee or two and lovely company.

Have I been knitting you ask? Well, yes. The Apple Green Cardi needs buttons and then its off to its new home, I have sewn some Tops …..

Oliver + S Interlock Knit

…and matching lounge pants, another Party dress is in progress and I have started knitting this adorable cardi but the dark wool I have is making the cable set up very difficult and I have had to undo it twice. I’ll sleep over it and see if I should start this instead or persevere.

And so the day ends. I hope yours was lovely too.


One thought on “Big smoke.

  1. Melbourne is a special city isn’t it! And the soup sounds delicious. Agree there is only so much you can expect from a 4 year old.And I love both cardigans, they are beautiful patterns. Knitting certainly helps build patience though.

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