Winter wonderland….

…it is not, but I would like to think it is. This morning I had to pour water over my windscreen to defrost it and the puddles were frozen. I might me the only one to delight in these temperatures, but I am in my element.

I have been enjoying spending my days at home and in my studio. A bit of secret crafting for my middle boy’s 6th birthday. A super cosy Noro Cowl to keep his neck warm during outside playtime…

Noro Iro

The pattern has been loosely adapted form the Dolores Park Cowl, which requires an even chunkier yarn. I simply used the same stitch numbers and the increases to make a child sized cowl. The Noro Yarn is so colourful and the kids love wearing them.

I also did a little bit of knitting for a custom order. A lovely tiered cardigan in the super soft Abuelita Yarn in Apple Green.

Baby Tiered Jacket

The tiered jacket called for a heavy worsted yarn so I held the yarn double to produce a nice solid cardigan to keep a little girl toasty warm. It is turning out lovely and I am now finishing off the sleeves and deciding on buttons. I have ordered some lovely wooden buttons from Japan, which will look very sweet.

I also finished a vest for my daughter. She really does not need any more knits, but this one was a test knit, and she is very pleased with it. “Like Sleeves for kids” is a great pattern for a beginner knitter who wants to progress from knitting plain scarfs, as it does not require any shaping. The ‘sleeves’ are knitted in garter stitch to give the you the optic illusion of sleeves…I knitted the patterns as its written without modifications and it is lovely. The Yarn is Lana d’Oro, a squishy blend of Alpaca and Wool in Mystic Purple. I have the wool in my shop and it has been a great favourite for many customer.

Like sleeves

And with my new sewing machine on its new table, I could not resist sewing this little dress for a friend’s daughter.

Bug Party
The pattern is the birthday party dress from Oliver + S, the fabric is from the super talented Australian designer Saffron Craig. While the pattern is a bit fussier than I like, the result is a very sweet dress. It can be worn casually for school or dressed up for a wedding or party. I really love Saffron Craig’s fabrics. Her colours are bold and designs whimsical, which is perfect for girls dresses I think. I have got some denim in my stash and I would love to make a little skirt using Saffron Craig fabric as a feature panel. We’ll see what I can come up with…
I had a great week of creating and crafting while the kids were at school or busy trying out the new bike outside. The weather has been gorgeous, so they are having a great time adventuring outside, only resurfacing for food or band aids. But now my little man is down with croup and needing a bit more cuddles and cups of tea. So I will have to take it easy this weekend, only knitting a few rows here and there. 
And then there is the dreaded stocktake, which will see me hunched over the computer and counting balls of wool and yardage of fabric. But what will come out of this is some stocktake SALE items for you. So keep checking in, as I will put some items on sale in the shop on Monday.
I do hope you are having a lovely week, filled with warmth, nice soups and splashes of colour. 


4 thoughts on “Winter wonderland….

  1. Hey Alex

    I am a new guest to this blog and over the past couple of weeks have loved looking at your posts and photos. Sounds like you lead a very creative, fulfilling and rich life with your beautiful family. So thank you for sharing with us.

    I am in Canberra so enjoying/tolerating/being energised by the cold weather right now! I am fairly new to knitting and have mostly just done hats and scarves. Keen to knit a vest for my 4yo though. I am working on a wurm for hubby and new to the magic loop method. I have been practising but still have looser stitches at the ends/joins. Do you have any tips? Did you use the magic loop method for your cowl? I have started a scarf for my boy but thinking a cowl might be better. So many projects, so little time!


    1. Hi Katrina,
      so lovely to read your comment and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

      It is always a challenge when writing a blog to have a balance between sharing the things that inspire me as a crafter, but also as a mother. While I try to stay true to my creativity and be nourished by it, life with three little ones can also be messy, chaotic and at times it feels the daily grind of dishes, food, laundry and school drives never ends. Those days are often left out of the blog posts…:) But it is thanks to some knitting needles and some lovely wool I can recharge my batteries for another busy day…

      Now for the tips: I have also just finished a Wurm. It is a great pattern! I did use the magic loop in the beginning but as the beanie got bigger and ‘stretchier’ , I managed to use the circulars the ‘normal’ way. I thought it was a clever way of getting through the tight spots. But I am just knitting some small sleeves and because I can’t find my size 6 dp needles, I am using the magic loop, and here it does not work as well. Have you got the 60cm circulars for your Wurm? You should not have to use the magic loop for that long then.

      As for the cowl, no, I first used 40mm circulars and then switched to 60mm after the increases.

      Is your 4yo a boy or girl? The vest I knitted is a perfect first vest pattern for a girl. If you are familiar with, you should check out some simple vest patterns for you little one.

      There are so many great projects to do, buy hey, winter has only just started and there is always next year, right?


  2. Hello again

    Thank you for your tips. I think I’m going to use the ‘regular’ circular method and also try the magic loop when needed. Yes I got the idea for the Wurm and found out about Ravelry from your blog. So thank you!

    I have two beautiful and very active boys, aged nearly 4 and just 1. They keep me busy but like you I find knitting a recharge and something I can do in the evenings when they are in bed. I also find it very satisfying to create something beautiful for the people that I love.

    Keep on blogging!

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