It was cold this morning, with frosty patches in the shady parts of the bush.

So I rugged myself and the kiddos up and prepared to drive into town and set up wool and needles at the Theatre Royal, for the beginning of our day-long knitting session.

World Wide knit in Public Day
Daughter of a knitter, my girl

I did not have to wait long before the first knitting enthusiasts arrived, joining me in casting on exactly 44 stitches and drinking hot cups of coffee.  Emilia, being truly a knitters daughter, joined in with great enthusiasm and improving skill. From then on it was a continual tag-team of friends and friends of friends, picking up needles and knitting a few rows. Introductions were made and stories were shared over the constant clatter of needles.

What can I say? It was a day to my liking. I sat, chatted, shared stories and laughed. Just what happens when like-minded women meet is magic, don’t you agree? I often think about it, after our weekly knitting mornings…I observe the happy conversations, the laughter, the sharing of personal details, the letting off steam, the parenting questions and relationship frustrations. All gets shared, solutions found, opinions expressed. I often sit back in amazement and wonder how it is that we can get together and so easily open up and let go of some of the burdens we carry around with us.

I leave my knitting mornings always elated and satisfied and a little bit lighter. As if I had spent it with an old, trusted friend.

And today was no different. I met older women with years of knitting experience, new knitters keen to get back into this old craft. Friends, who are equally addicted the the rhythmic clatter of needles. I end this day knowing that the art of knitting is still alive and well and that it has the power to bring together women of all walks of life and that you leave a knitting session a happy girl indeed.

Castlemaine Knit in Public Day
Lovely knitters
Knitting poster boy Gian

Our squares are all in progress and will be finished up over the coming week. We will combine our efforts with the local Primary School who are entering the Save the Children Competition. So hopefully they can win some money to go towards the school and we can complete a lovely blanket to donate.

How was your Saturday? Did you knit? Din anyone go to the big Knitathon at Fed Square?


4 thoughts on “Knitathon

  1. I see Jo and Jo M in that knitterly group – wish i could’ve joined you but a] didn’t know about it and b] can’y drive after surgery yet [ but getting lots of knitting done ]

    1. Yes, well, it was not well advertised….sorry. Next year we will be there with all the bells and whistles and a lots more knitters…glad you are getting plenty of knitting done, the weather is certainly perfect for it…

  2. If I wasn’t post-surgery out of the loopy I’m sure one of the Jos would’ve told me at Chat Warblers,[ or if I’d found your lovely blog sooner ]
    btw Is your knitting group at The Dove a ‘Steiner mums only’ gig or can anyone rock up ?

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