It has been busy in my corner of the world.

Over the weekend I scored the most perfect sewing table and a little chest of drawers at a garage sale. After an earlier trip to Ikea to search for said table and some storage ideas I am so glad I returned empty handed (well, not really, as I still managed to fill my trolly with other ‘necessary’ stuff), as this table is the right one in every way and so happily recycled. The chest will need some TLC and some colour inspiration thought. I have been sanding the drawers and browsing ‘pintrest’ for ideas and I am wavering between yellow, petrol or fire-engine red. Or plain old white? I will take some photos of the piece tomorrow and post it so hopefully you will all leave me lots of helpful comments….

I am also busy organising and advertising my little WWkip Day. We will be holding it at the Theatre Royal on Saturday and I will be sitting on my butt kitting squares from 10am – 3pm. Thats right! And this time its legit….And I am hoping that lots of people will join me in what is going to be one latte-fuelled fun event. Funny enough, we have been knitting squares for blankets at Playgroup for newly arrived babes. This time we will be donating the resulting blanket to the Save the Children Foundation.

I hosted a Prep-mums morning tea at my house, which was lovely. It’s great to get to know more lovely and inspirational women and reflect once more one the amazing community we are creating around us.

I am pre-washing and cutting fabric for custom orders but I am still without sewing machine. The wait is sweeter, as I will be welcoming a new Janome to the family but my fingers are twitching….


…so much so, that I am frantically trying to finish Emilia’s vest tonight (which is clearly not going to happen, as I am on the computer and I can’t type AND knit).


I have an order for a wee swing coat for a baby to knit in Abuelita’s Apple Green. Can’t wait to cast on. I have been asked to also knit an adults cardi, but somehow feel a bit nervous about this…

Abuelita's Green Apple


And in between there has been a celebratory dinner for 10, school pick-ups, burnt fruit toasts and tears. Lots of  ordinary moments that are often slipping away unnoticed but are just incredibly precious because they are so fleeting. A hug, a tear, stories on the couch, snuggles in bed and negotiations with a 4-year old. The discovery of chai tea and the realisation that I am blessed that things are the way they are.


And lastly, I share this with you for inspiration. I hope it puts a smile on your face and fills you with inspiration:


33 ways to stay creative



One thought on “Creativity.

  1. You might be interested to know that Winters Flat Primary is trying to knit their way to a new playground and have joined the Save the Children competition for schools. We are starting tomorrow and are trying to knit as many squares to make blankets as we can – we are looking for help from the community to do this – hopefully there will be a story in the Castlemaine Mail int eh next week or so. please let everyone you know know about it, we are lookign for knitters (apart from the kidsstaff and parents at school), donations of wool and helpers to sew up the blankets.
    Mary-anne (Principal)

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