World Wide Knit in Public, Saturday 11th June 2011

A simple pleasure, a functional purpose, an act of love: knitting ticks many boxes. Passed down throughout the generations, knitting has been something that has usually taken place in private spaces.” (Saturday Age, 4/6/11)

If you live in Victoria and read the Saturday Age, you will stumble upon an article over the course of this weekend that will make your heart skip a beat. It is an advertising feature for next Saturday’s World Wide Knit in Public Day, that will be held in communities world wide. Your local yarn shop, your knitting group, community house and amongst friends…..

What many of us have know for a long time is now being celebrated world wide.

The joys of knitting (and crochet, embroidery or quilting for that matter), not just in the comfort and privacy of your own home, but as a something that serves a wider social function. Coming together as a group and learning new skills, sharing insights, beat loneliness and encourage and support each other. Creating something practical and beautiful.

Melbourne will host its own World Wide Knit in Public Day in Federation Square  on June 11th. The Australian Country Spinners (Wool manufacturers behind the brands Cleckeaton, Patons and Panda) are getting behind this event and will be supplying knitting kits and and technical support for people wanting to learn to knit. Knitters are encouraged to knit a square for the Save the Children’s Born to Knit Campaign, which then take the squares and sew them into blankets for children in developing countries.

So, if you are in Melbourne next Saturday, its certainly an event not to be missed. But many other local Wool Shops, as well as Spotlight and Lincraft are holding charity events around the country in celebration of the day.

And if you are a local to the Castlemaine area, you should keep your eyes open for flyers and/or stay tuned to this blog as I will be hosting my own World Wide Knit in Public Day in town.  You will be able to  bring your own project or help us knit a square for a blanket that will go to ‘Save the Children – Born to knit‘.

Details of the when and where will be posted here and as flyers around town.

Its going to be a fun day, thats for sure.

till then,



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