Jack Frost has arrived. Winter is here! What perfect seasonal timing! Like swiss clockwork icy crystals covered our corner of the world. To the squealing delight of 3 exited children….

And the child in me also did a skip and a jump. I am swiss you see… Frost is the closest I get to the winter wonderland of  my childhood. I remember well the delight waking up in the morning and ‘hearing’ the muffled sounds of a snow covered landscape. And a peek through the blinds confirmed my suspicion. Everything outside was covered in a heavy blanket of snow….The sound my boots made on the snow as I worked my way through the path to school. Usually the snow plough would start at 4am so that cars and pedestrians could go about their daily business without interruption…

Little things trigger memories like these and it makes me strangely contented. It is frost and not snow, but still. The memory. The crisp air, the blue sky and rosy cheeks….

It is Wednesday, so we were off to our Knitting Circle at the Cafe. Today was full of productivity, advancing projects and ball winding.

Little helper


Timon, who refuses to go to childcare is proving to be a most patient skein holder, eager to be involved in our crafty, girly group. I wonder what memories he will have of his time with mama?

New projects


I got to knit 2 rows of my new project. We did some serious calculations for a new jumper. Who would have thought that my dismal maths skills would one day find its way into my knitting world.


We talked about the 5 Languages of Love and Teenagers. We drank yummy coffee and ate fruit toast and shared a few hours of happy craftiness. I love my Wednesdays.


Are you welcoming Winter with open arms or with dread, I wonder?


Stay warm,




PS: Next week we are expecting a new shipment of yarn. Unexpected. But so delicious.



2 thoughts on “Frost.

  1. Live in the Blue Mountains so there is no way I can avoid winter. We seemed to have missed most of the warmer months here as we have had our fire going sporadically since dec 2010.

    1. it has been a rather unpredictable year… I would gladly swap the dry heat we get here in Summer with some mountain breeze. I hear the Blue Mountains must be pretty spectacular!

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