More Fabric Goodness.

Well, I just realised that I have been keeping some stunning fabric from you. It is in the shop, but it is so lovely, it deserves a special mention.

There is the vibrant range from Kokka that I immediately fell in love with when I saw it the first time…the colours are intense and the design typically Japanese. The texture is also unusual…there are uneven ridges, that give the fabric a more organic, textured feel. It is difficult to explain, but it is the same feel that I love in linen.

Red Rabbits

To me they are great ‘combination’ fabrics. I can see simple a-line skirts in Denim or Linen with one panel in one of the Kokka fabrics, or a trim on a twirly skirt. It’s the kind of fabric to make a statement with.

On a more delicate note, I have this sweet little fabric in stock, that just speaks of vintage style..

Antique Flowers

It is lightweight and lovely but with enough body to be perfect for a little dress or skirt for spring….don’t you think?

The other range is from Japan too, but entirely different in its look.

French Navy
Purple Dots
Hundred's and Thousand's

Aren’t these spots just sweet? The fabrics are 55% Linen and 45% Cotton, so they have the organic feel of linen but are light and don’t wrinkle too much. Loveliness…

Once I get my knitting needle out of my machine and replace some missing parts, I will show you what I make out if this fabric goodness. Or you can get yourself some of this loveliness and get sewing…..

Have a wonderful Tuesday. It is lovely and crispy cold in our corner of the world.



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