Our weekend was filled with domesticity. We I am still in the early days of nesting so I can spend hours rearranging the pantry, sort out cupboards, shelf books the right way up and find a workable system for all my sewing patterns.

And lets not forget the colour arrangement of my yarn in the shelves. Below is one way of sorting my Cascade 220 stock, but I am not satisfied….I will have to play around a bit more with the skeins….it helps though to buy  stock that can be colour coordinated….

On Sunday I did a mad dash to Ikea in Melbourne. What a foolish idea that was! What on earth possessed me to go to this temple of mass production on a Sunday is still beyond me….but I do sheepishly admit that I did leave Ikea with a trolley of useful stuff. Stuff that fulfils my otherwise well hidden swiss obsession with organisation. Collapsable boxes and shelves, baskets, spice jars, curtain rods pillow protectors….all useful stuff, right? But I promised myself never again on a Sunday.

Back at home I dried some almonds in the dehydrator. A Naturopath friend of mine put me onto soaking organic raw almonds in salt water overnight and then dehydrating them until they are crispy.There are lots of nutritional benefits in doing this and they taste super yummy. With the surplus of apples, we will also dry some apple rings over the next days.

The kids have also been creative….mmmh, I wonder if Mama is spending too much time on the computer?

Mama's Wool shop on the computer
Emilia on her iPhone
its an apple comptuer!

And of course, no weekend would be complete without some lengthy knitting time….This lovely beanie in the scrumptious Pashmina from Madelinetosh has become a thank-you-present for my lovely friend Kate. It suits her perfectly, she is the patron saint of wool personified….

Wurm in Pashmina Ravelled here

And with empty needles and a nagging daughter, I cast on for another vest for my girl in this glorious lilac in Lana d’Oro from Cascade. A soft blend of 50/50 alpaca and wool. Just the right combination of durability and softness I say.

"like sleeves for kids" vest
Mystic Purple

So, this was our weekend….at least my side of it….my other half spent his weekend whacking dirt and asphalt into his new shed cave….he was sore but satisfied, he tells me…..

Hope you had a lovely weekend and your Monday is as glorious as ours.

Be well,



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