Modern Workshop.

Cultivated Flowers in Cream and Blue
Cultivated Flowers in Pink and Cafe dots in Green
Frothy Pink Sketched Branches

Please let me introduce you to some fresh and juicy new fabrics that I have now in stock. These lovely cotton fabrics are from the latest collection from Moda designed by Liesl Gibson from Oliver + S. Arne’t they just lovely? They have a wonderful drape and silky softness and will look gorgeous as summer dresses and blouses I think.

While Summer is light-years away it seams, its good to keep these bright and cheery fabrics handy on cold and grey afternoons….But these designs also look great as quilts as seen on Oliver + S’ blog.

I think quilts are a great way of using small cuts of fabrics and especially scarp fabric. I have a mountain of it in my cupboard for the day I finally work up the motivation to embark on a big project like this. I just love quilts…

I must admit that I started a quilt for Emilia about 2 years ago, using all of the fabrics I used for her dresses. I am about 1 big block away before adding the sash and back. I have the fabric but am too scared to continue. It seems such a huge task and having never made a quilt, I am overwhelmed…any ideas or suggestions?

I am meant to sew up this lovely dress for a friend, but something very embarrassing happened…..I stuck a dp knitting needle in the thread holder (which has mysteriously disappeared in the move) and it fell right into the body of the machine. Who knew it was just a hole??? How am I going to explain that to the repair man? So along with a broken washing machine and a broken fridge, I now have a broken sewing machine…

So although I had all good intentions to do some sewing, I am forced to stick to knitting. Which is quite ok, because I have so many little project I would like to complete before the end of winter….

Today we had our weekly knitting group. It was cold so we decided to shift to my cosy new house and it was a very lovely affair with lots of pattern research (thanks Ravelry), lots of indecisions (which colour suits me best???) and a little bit of maths. And lots of inspiration from all the knitting and crocheting going on at our table.

This one is a particularly stunning piece of crochet art…Cassia is crocheting row after row of lovely colours for a cushion. The yummy skein on the left is Madelinetosh Sock in Nutmeg, a most brilliant colour to add.

I have finally learned how to knit with the Magic Loop Method, which is quite amazing. I have cast on for this beanie using one skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Sequioa colourway. And thanks to YouTube, I cast on and am on my way and have added another knitting trick up my sleeve. So clever!

So, this was my day. At least a part of it. There was also school drop offs, a lunch feast, some sweet friendships and lots of bedtime books in between….but that is another story.

Hope your day was rewarding.



One thought on “Modern Workshop.

  1. Alex, what a hoot that you dropped the knitting needle into your sewing machine. That’s probably not the first time the repairman has seen it happen. I do enjoy your blog.

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