Autumn Leaves

This colour has had me mesmerised all day.

Driving from Castlemaine to Daylesford today, I was moved by natures colour display. Lit up by the sun, the autumn trees where brilliant in their beauty. From the warmest yellow to the most fiery reds, the display was a show to bring tears to my eyes. Happy tears! Happy to be in this moment, enjoying autumn in this beautiful corner of the world. To me autumn colours are like classical music; its uplifting and makes me feel alive.


And then I look at this yarn and I want to wrap myself in this luscious softness and carry autumn all through winter. And I think you should too.


Here are some ideas for Tosh Sock yarn I think you might enjoy. There are so many more pattern ideas on Ravelry. It’s worth putting some time aside to browse all the patterns under Tosh Sock.

MIL’s Socks

by Sue Grandfield

Cream and Sugar Cowl

by Alana Dakos

Vitamin D Cardigan

by Heidi Kirrmaier

Stripe Study Shawl

by Veera

Falling Water scarf

by Bonnie Sennott

Did you take time out today to notice the natural beauty around you? I hope you did.



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