This is my son, who until yesterday declared that he did not want to learn to write his name and that he could not count.

He is in Prep and loving it. He is focused in his playing, loves his friends and is a reliable little worker. Most of his friends have started to write their name on their drawings. He has been resisting any form of writing and refuses to count. While I am happy to go with his own rhythm and feel fortunate that his school encourages lots of free playtime, I have started to wonder about his insistence that he cannot write…And this morning it occurred to me that he has not got the confidence to give it a go. Sometimes, we just need to give a gentle little push into the right direction, plenty of space to practice and make mistakes so that the confidence can grow.

Taking the plunge

And so, with some gentle nudging and help from big sister, he is eager to learn all the letters of his name. And he is proud of it!

Which has made me ponder about Confidence. How often we think we don’t have enough of it. How we encourage our kids to have it. And how confident we really are without realising it. And how hard life can be without it….

We need confidence to form healthy relationships with other people, maintain friendships and stand up for ourselves and others. We need confidence to say No when something doesn’t feel right, and Yes when something does.

We need confidence to get a job or leave one that is not so good. Lots of confidence to start something new and scary. Confidence to say “I am perfect just the way I am” and still eager to learn more.

We need it when we want to learn something new.

Everyday, we need Confidence and Courage. And my son has inspired me this morning to stand taller and walk with confidence.

And now I will go on Ravelry and find myself a new pattern that challenges me to learn something new.

Himalayas - taken by my 68 year old Mother-in-Law


2 thoughts on “confidence.

  1. I also learnt a very valuable lesson to day in our children’s confidence. My son today made it to his first district cross country event – he is 8 years old. He did not even make it half way around the circuit and he had to admit defeat but he had the confidence to give it a go. Even though he knew he wasn’t the strongest runner and was up against other boys as old as 9. I was so proud of him for giving it his best even if he did not do as well as he had hoped. Nice to see we can raise children with confidence to give things a go.

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