New Beginnings


Goodness, it has been a while. I missed this space!

Our family has gone through a difficult time recently. And this weekend, we finally moved into a new house, which features – get this – heating! Nothing flashy, but nevertheless, I now have space to dance in the kitchen if I want to, lots of cupboard space, a studio/shop room AND an office and a play area for the kids separate from their bedroom. We are surrounded by native bush land and lots of gum trees and magpies and kookaburras reminding us that we are now really living in the country. It is lovely and so soothing.

We also took some time out to go to the beach. I love the seaside in winter. There is something magical and melancholy about it.

My fingers have been itching to knit something out of my new wool stash but my attention was being pulled away from all things creative and directed at family matters and then moving and setting up a new home. But now that all the boxes are unpacked and the children are once again busy discovering their new playgrounds I am casting my eye over luscious skeins of yarn, rows of delicious fabric and I am setting up my sewing machine once again, pulling out patterns and catching up on custom orders….

And then, just in time for our weekly knitting group, the long-awaited shipment of Madelinetosh yarn arrived. Luscious skeins of Tosh sock and Tosh vintage. Vibrant colours and squishy softness. Ahh, it does make my heart sing.

Tosh Shipment

We could not help ourselves. We had to dip our hands in this woolly goodness, feel each skein, hold it against us and imagine cowls, beanies and cardigans…for one, I would like to try this lovely hay cardigan in Madelinetosh Vintage in Warm Maize or Thunderstorm.

Hay Cardigan

Madelinetosh Yarns have an incredible depth of colour and vibrancy. To me, they are little works of art and a little luxury to wrap yourself in.

I will list a few patterns that would be a perfect match for this lovely yarn in my next post.

In the meantime, stay warm and cosy.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hope your new home is happy and warm. We moved last Christmas and it takes so long to get things just the way you want. I’m finally getting there. Good luck.

    1. Thank you! there are lots of little bits to sort out, but that can wait. Better things are demanding my attention….
      Are you at a Steiner School in Melbourne by any chance?

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