A few hours stolen.

All good things

We had our first knit-along session today and it was wonderful in so many ways.

The weather was all shiny and golden and glorious. The back garden at the Doveton provided just the perfect backdrop for our little knitting group, accommodating not only all of our paraphernalia that comes with knitting, but also our the children and prams.

While the little ones busied themselves by doing what they do best, we wound  our skeins into balls, picked some needles and learned a few new tricks….I learned how to do a slip knot (believe it or not) and I got to demonstrate my way of casting on. If you would like to see my way of casting on, look over here.

So we started casting on, swatching, wrestling with circulars and slipping stitch markers across. We chatted about our children, our houses and partners, drank lattes and chai, laughed at our clumsiness and  received encouragement and generally enjoyed a few hours in good company.

In threes

A few hours that are much more than just a row knit. A few hours of lightness and connectedness. A few hours of sunshine warming our backs, a few hours away from chores. A few hours in good company, new skills learned. The feeling of being part of a community. A community of remarkable women.


I am so proud of being part of this community. And I am so looking forward to these Wednesday mornings.

I hope you spent a few hours of bliss today.


And in case you are wondering, we are using Cascade 220 and Lana d’Oro for our projects and some are following this pattern and this.

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