There has been a hive of activity in our house.

The kids are going though a delightful and intense playtime at the moment. All three of them stick together and spend hours on end playing in the garden or in their room. It is lovely to see how well they get on. At the moment. It is lovely for them as it is for me, as I get some extra time sorting yarn, testing patterns, and doing some custom sewing for friends.

There has also been a 40th Birthday Party in our Garden, which took time to prepare for and clean up afterwards….

Then, and most importantly, we welcomed our newest member of the family into the world. My sweet little nephew Arlo was born on Tuesday and I can’t stop knitting for the little man….I guess I should pace myself a bit as babies do have a habit of growing out of things too quickly…but this little vest flew off the needles before I even realised….

Arlo's Vest

And finally there were the Easter preparations with egg painting and Hot Cross bun baking, and Quinces to cook into yummy Quince paste.

Egg painting in watercolours

And now Easter itself with its many indulgences and family get together…


We trialled a new approach of chocolate indulgence this year too.

In the past I would have doled out the little eggs over the week and thus has children constantly begging for a chocolate every couple of hours and at any opportunity. This year we let them eat as many chocolates as they wanted, all day long. At the end of the day we brushed their teeth thoroughly and that was the end of the chocolate orgy. They did ask for some chocolate this morning but when told that there was no more the case was put to rest. I am quite happy with this. The kids rarely eat chocolates and thought the carte blanche was the best thing ever. I was kind of hoping they would feel sick after so much sugar though and so swear off sweets for ever….well, that did not happen….

So today we enjoy some more family time, Mr P is plunging his wine, kids are running through the garden and I am soaking up the sun while knitting my first ME project in a while….more on that when it  looks like something…

I hope you had all a wonderful Holiday full of sweetness of the healthy kind.


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