Shop update. Something cosy.

It has been quiet for weeks on the shop front, and now its all happening at the same time.

A trip to the post office produced another monstrous box filled with fabric goodness of a particularly cosy kind….Flannels! There is nothing like soft Flannel PJ’s, cosy woollen bed socks and a fire to get me into the winter spirit…You see, I am all about the creature comforts and I love the colder months best for exactly this reason. It doesn’t mean I like to be cold. On the contrary. But there is something very tactile and sensual about soft fabric.

The kids also love getting new Pyjamas. They have already earmarked some of the Flannels for their PJs. Emilia will be getting cosy PJ pants out of Amy Butlers luscious Love Collection.

Paradise Garden

With such bold colours and busy print, I tend to only do PJs bottoms and a simple long sleeve T’ for on top.

For the boys however I will do the classic, manly top and bottoms in this Cheeky Monkey Flannel. Because they are cheeky monkeys after all….

Funky Monkey

This fabric also comes with a cream background but the same sock monkey doing tricks. Aren’t they the cutest vintage looking monkeys you have seen? They remind me of an old kids picture book I had as a child.

But there are so many options. I would love lounge pants in this gorgeous paisley print for one…

Cypress Paisley

My go-to pattern for well-fitting lounge pants it the lovely ‘sweet dreams’ from Make it Perfect. Easy and quick.

Make it perfect also makes the children’s version of this patterns.

There are of course many different applications for flannel besides pjs and winter nighties. How about a lovely dress lined with flannel? Or a soft quilt for baby’s first bed?

I know you’ll come up with many more ideas to add some softness to your life, right?

And here are all the new fabrics of today. Head over to the shop and treat yourself or your little one to a cosy something….

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enjoy your day.



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