Eye candy

I have been taking lots of photos of yarn in the last few days….I love trying to capture just the squishy and plump nature of yarn, but the hardest would be to get the light just right for the colour….that is why I photograph my wool in different settings and time of day. The difference is amazing…

So here are some of my favourites.

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Without planning it as such, the colours that I put together for this order turned out to be very autumn themed. They are earthy, natural and muted, with different shades of blue, grey and purples, rusty orange and heathered lilacs. I love them so much.

And the versatility of this yarn is incredible…I went looking for ideas.

Herringbone Sweater
Pixie Hat
Minimalist Cardigan
Shalom Cardigan
EZ's Tomtem Jacket

I could go on forever. All photos and links to patterns are from Ravelry.. there are also ideas for toys and felted goodness, but that is for another day….

Have fun knitting something truly gorgeous.



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